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Introducing CIHS Student Advisory Senate Leaders

Chris Orrey is soon beginning her eighth quarter at CIHS and absolutely loves her experience thus far. She is on the MA-PhD track in the Integral Noetic Sciences program. Chris lives in San Francisco, California with her wife and pets. She is a retired police lieutenant who has a vision of transforming the policing profession through her studies at CIHS. When not engaged in academic or spiritual pursuits, she is often traveling with her wife, working out on her Peloton, or having her weekly “Jay Day” with her six-year-old grandson. Her background is eclectic, being an ordained minister (A Course in Miracles), a blackbelt in Kajukenbo karate, a high ropes course facilitator, and a collector of autographed books. Her police career included commanding the crisis negotiation team, creating a critical incident stress management program, and having expertise in child abuse and intimate partner violence. Her Command College thesis was on the effect of sub-conscious biases in police decision-making. Chris was drawn to CIHS because of its emphasis on science and spirituality and has become an absolute integral theory nerd. Feel free to reach out to her any time. Her email is

Lauren Hickey is a third-year PhD student in the Integral Health - Life Physics program where she is exploring her interests in altered states of consciousness and the dynamic interaction between consciousness and subtle energy in built spaces and the natural world. She holds a Master of Divinity and is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki master, and Environmental Consultant. Lauren currently lives on the eastern shore of Maryland with her partner Kyle. She can be contacted at


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