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Accredited & Innovative Master's (M.A.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree Programs in Psychology, Integral Health, Integral Noetic Sciences & a Bachelor's Completion Program in Integral Studies!

CIHS enrolls students on a “Quarter” basis. New students are able to begin their studies in the Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer term. Each quarter (academic term) is 10 weeks long (2.5 months).
We are currently accepting applications for the Summer (July) 2024 Quarter which starts on July 8, 2024.

  • The Application Deadline for the Summer 2024 term is May 31, 2024. Please submit your application by the application deadline to avoid any processing delays.  Applications received after the deadline are not guaranteed admission in the desired term. 

  • The Summer 2024 classes will be offered online

  • Please visit our Academic Calendar Page for information on other start dates. 


CIHS prides itself on the evaluation of the whole student and the individual experience. As such, GRE exams are not required. We welcome all interested students to apply. 

General Requirements


  • To be admitted into CIHS’ bachelor’s completion program, the applicant must hold a high school diploma and an Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited community college OR have completed no less than 90 quarter units but no more than 135 quarter units of General Education (GE) at an approved college. (90 quarter units = 60 semester units; 135 quarter units = 120 semester units).  

  • To be admitted into one of CIHS’ master’s degree programs, the applicant must have earned a bachelor’s degree, from a regionally accredited institution, in an academic area of study relevant to the M.A. degree program to be undertaken at CIHS.  Evaluation by the Program Director and/or Dean of Academic Affairs may provide entry with one or more prerequisites if the applicant’s Bachelor’s degree is entirely unrelated to the graduate program at study at CIHS.

  • To be admitted into one of CIHS’ Ph.D. degree programs, the applicant is required to have obtained a master’s degree, from a regionally accredited institution, in an academic area of study relevant to the Ph.D. degree program to be undertaken at CIHS. When deemed necessary, the applicant may be required to take validating examinations or preparatory work/prerequisite courses. If the M.A. is in a different field, approval by the Program Director is necessary. 

Please note:

Students enrolling in a quarter university system should expect to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to their studies. On average, plan to allocate 2-3 hours of study for every hour spent in class, resulting in approximately 20-30 hours per week for a full-time course load. Adjusting this estimate based on the complexity of courses and personal learning styles is advisable to maintain a successful academic performance. In addition, please visit our Credit Hour Policy page 

An applicant may be admitted to CIHS full-time or part-time.  This ONLY applies to U.S. applicants and to international applicants outside the U.S. who intend to attend CIHS through the distance education online modality.

Graduate programs (M.A. & Ph.D.):

•Full-time Graduate Students must be enrolled in 8 units per quarter, 3 quarters per year. One quarter off is optional except for the Fall quarter. Ph.D. students in the Dissertation Sequence will be considered full-time as long as they are registered for 5-6 units per quarter.

•Part-time Graduate Students must be enrolled in 4 units per quarter, 3 quarters per year. One quarter off is optional except for the Fall quarter.

Undergraduate programs (B.A.):

•Full-time Undergraduate Students must be enrolled in 10 units per quarter, 3 quarters per year (one quarter off is optional except for the Fall quarter).

•Part-time Undergraduate Students must be enrolled in 5 units per quarter, 3 quarters per year (one quarter off is optional except for the Fall quarter).

Please note, if you get accepted into one of CIHS degree programs, that does not guarantee you will be granted admission to other CIHS programs. Students who are accepted into a degree program at CIHS will be granted admission to another degree program only after they fulfill all the degree requirements of the first program they got admitted into.

Application Process


To start the application process, the materials listed below must be submitted/uploaded to our online application portal at the time of your application submission. Please note that GRE is not required for admission into any of our programs. Prior to filling out the online application form, all applicants are strongly encouraged to review our Academics Page first to select one degree program they wish to study at CIHS. 


Required Admission Application Materials (Admission Checklist):

  1. A completed online application via apply-online.

  2. Non-refundable application fee:   

    • Domestic applicants (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) $65

    • International applicants (F-1 Visa International Students) $100​​

  3. Official undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree transcripts and graduate (Master's & Ph.D.) degree transcripts, if you have any - with proof of degree completion/graduation. All transcripts must be e-mailed directly from the issuing institution(s) to CIHS at
    - Official course syllabi may also be required for possible transfer of credit upon departmental approval and in compliance  with CIHS' Transfer Credit Policy.  

  4. Two letters of recommendation (for M.A. and Ph.D. applicants) and one letter of recommendation (for B.A. applicants) from individuals who can address your academic and/or professional qualifications. The person recommending you may use the online form at OR e-mail the letter of recommendation to with your name in the subject line.

  5. A personal essay in which you explain the reason (s) for seeking admission to CIHS. The essay should show evidence that you have read the CIHS website, understand the CIHS mission, and have some knowledge of the field of study of the program for which you are applying. Please explain how this program could add to your academic background and help you fulfill your professional and/or personal goals. Suggested length of narrative: 1-2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, Font Size: 12, approximately 250-500 words. Applicants may exceed this limit if needed. 

  6. A current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, if applicable.  (for M.A. and Ph.D. applicants ONLY).

  7. A representative term paper or another sample of academic or professional writing or publication(s). (for M.A. and Ph.D. applicants ONLY). For tips on how to choose a writing sample, click here

  8. Additional requirements for applicants seeking a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology Licensure: This program requires an interview with the program director via Zoom. 

  9. Additional requirements for International Students can be found on the International Students Page.

Transcripts submitted by e-mail (preferred method) should be sent to:

Transcripts submitted by mail should be sent to:

California Institute for Human Science​

Admissions Office

701 Garden View Court

Encinitas, CA 92024

Important Note to All Applicants: Please use a functional email address when you submit your online application and check your email regularly. This way, the Admissions Office would be able to notify you if any additional documents are needed to complete your admissions file. 

What Happens After You Apply:

Once your online application is submitted, and your supporting documents have been received by the Admissions Office, your file will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee and an admission decision will be rendered.  This process usually takes a couple  of weeks from the time we receive ALL your supporting documents, therefore, we strongly recommend that you don't delay sending us the required admission documents, otherwise, the processing of your application will be delayed.  Accepted students will be notified via email by the Admissions Office. 

Accepted Students:

Once you have been officially accepted into a degree program at CIHS, our Registrar's Office will send you information on next steps including the CIHS Enrollment Agreement forms.  Once you complete and sign the Enrollment Agreement forms, our Registrar will provide you with your CIHS email address and CIHS student ID number.  In addition, information on how to select your first term classes under the guidance of your Program Director, register for classes using the proper online registration form, pay your first term tuition fees, and how to access your online classes will be provided to you via email.  Finally, our Dean of Student Success will send you information on our new student virtual orientation program. All new students are required to attend this important program prior to the start of their first academic term at CIHS. 

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