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Innovative Graduate Programs and Research

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Residential and distance learning Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degree programs: 

Psychology (California Licensure Track or Integral),

Integral Studies, Integral Health (including Life Physics Specialization), and

Comparative Religion & Philosophy (including Yoga Studies Specialization)  

  Providing education that bridges the gap between science and spirituality is key to the mission that drives CIHS, with all aspects of our campus, curriculum and distance learning programs designed to engage and inspire students to develop and experience the body-mind-spirit interconnection. 

CIHS faculty and academic consultants are recognized leaders in the fields of energy healing, integral studies and consciousness expansion research. They are distinguished professionals with decades of working experience in their fields of expertise, which means that CIHS students receive an education that moves theory into practice. 


CIHS is committed to inspiring students to excel in all aspects of life by educating the whole person. The major aim of our academic programs is to study the body, mind, and spirit as an integrated whole.

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Offered on campus and online

Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies

This program provides undergraduate level instruction with emphasis on the integral view of reality. According to the integral theory, human beings and reality itself should be studied and treated from a holistic approach. The view of the human being as a whole person claims that we are composed of a physical body, mind and spirit/subtle energy.

Elective courses allow students to pursue a major in the field of integral studies. Students can select their major from the programs in Life Physics, Psychology, Comparative Religion and Philosophy, and Integral Health.

Ideally students enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies after having completed their General Education or Lower Level units (college credits).

Comparative Religion & Philosophy (Master of Arts and Ph.D.)

CIHS offers a unique curriculum in its Comparative Religion and Philosophy programs, which is mostly grounded on the experiences of founder Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, meditation practices, theories, and philosophical speculations.


The programs in Comparative Religion and Philosophy provide an educational opportunity for graduate students to investigate the ramifications of a personal commitment to spirituality and spiritual practices in the East and in the West. This course of study also entails philosophical inquiries into mainstream, materialistic views of the nature of reality and human existence.

Integral Health (Master of Arts and Ph.D.)

The Master’s and Ph.D. in Integral Health is one of CIHS’ most innovative programs, combining the best of all of our programs to create a hybrid where you design the concentration. It is unique in its interdisciplinary focus with the curriculum emphasis still on consciousness and a mind, body, spirit integrated thought and value system.


A Master’s or Doctorate in Integral Health is appropriate for practitioners, scientists, writers, researchers, D.O.’s, chiropractors, and therapists of all types, among others, to expand on their knowledge of holistic health and the mind, body, spirit connection as it relates to consciousness and health. It increases the student’s awareness of such higher-level studies of subtle energy and many find it useful for marketing practices, workshops, and increasing authorship legitimacy.

General & Clinical Psychology (Masters, Ph.D. and California Licensure Track )

Integral Health (Master of Arts and Ph.D. – Life Physics emphasis) 

Specializations in Life Physics emphasize the body component in the tridimensional model of human life (aka the body-mind-spirit interconnection) upon which CIHS was founded. Tridimensional theory does not view the body as an isolated dimension of the human being. Life Physics focuses on objective physical measurement, instrumentation and energy theories aimed at elucidating the physical manifestations of the body-mind-spirit model. Life Physics strives to not lapse into unidimensional (unilateral) reductionism, a characteristic of conventional, mainstream science, including modern medicine.


The subtle energies theory refers to ontological features of the human life, which fall outside the scope of what has been so far accepted by mainstream scientists. However, it has been theorized that scientific studies of the meridian points and ki energy, for instance, may help prove the existence of new forms of energy which obey their own set of laws and yet interact with types of energy already accepted by conventional physics. The aim of Life Physics programs is to prepare students to conduct scholarly research into the field of subtle energy.​

CIHS’ California-approved, license-eligible psychology programs offer an innovative curriculum that instructs the graduate student in psychology with the knowledge to practice clinical psychology with an emphasis on consciousness and the mind, body, spirit connection, rather than a primary focus on the medical model. 


Students can meet the partial requirements for licensure by the state of California’s Board of  Psychology (Clinical Psychology) with an innovative curriculum that sees the client as a human being seeking health and wholeness, rather than a reductionist diagnosis. CIHS recognizes the practice of psychology as one of the healing arts that can be useful on a person’s search for health, healing, and wellness. CIHS’ clinical psychology programs emphasize integration and an expansive model of consciousness and well-being.


The core courses in both programs emphasize general psychology and clinical psychology, whereas the course electives can be in integral psychology. Ph.D. students may choose to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with Integral Psychology emphasis or a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology for candidates intending to obtain a clinical licensing.  Students are allowed to draw upon the programs in Life Physics, Comparative Religion and Philosophy, and Integral Health to fulfill their course electives.

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