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ABOUT CIHS Founder´s Message DR. Hiroshi
California Institute for Human Science

I am aware that you have many options as you consider where to enroll and deeply appreciate your making CIHS part of your school search. As founder and president of the Institute, I am committed to equipping CIHS with the best resources to provide you with an education that will enable you to be successful in all areas of your life.

For over three decades, CIHS has been conducting research on the healing applications of subtle energy by integrating science with spirituality. CIHS is grounded in the premise that human beings are composed of  biological, mental and spiritual dimensions. The Institute’s main goal is to provide an education that integrates the three dimensions of the human being.  The major aim of our academic programs is to study the body, mind, and spirit as an integrated whole.

I founded CIHS with two principles in mind:

  1. Subtle energy can bridge the gap between spirituality and science. In my opinion, there are two kinds of subtle energy: one which is physical in nature (i.e. ki or chi energy), and the other which is not physical but rather spiritual in nature and is therefore not limited by space or time boundaries.

  2. Education should be a transcendental experience. Through spiritual practices such as meditation, students should experience the three aspects of the human mind: the unconscious, consciousness, and super-consciousness. It is my wish to continue to create at CIHS an educational environment in which people can scientifically explore the applications of spirituality and subtle energy.

By experiencing the body-mind-spirit interconnection, as well as integrating science with spirituality, people can gain a deeper insight into the nature of reality, which will hopefully empower them to contribute to the improvement of society at large.

Our students, faculty and staff believe they can make a difference. By joining CIHS, you are joining hundreds of others who believe they can make the world a better place.


Together we can and will change the world!

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