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Yale Divinity School

CIHS is co-sponsoring "Consciousness & Spirit II" hosted by the Yale Divinity School (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 31 to June 2, 2019)


Follow the link for abstract submissions (deadline January 15th) and registration.

The Gnostic Center

CIHS has an agreement with Gnostic Center of India to mutually accept students into particular aspects of each other’s programs, and CIHS is considering a possible study abroad program with GC.  In February 2019, GC will host CIHS leadership to a conference on International Integral Education.

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Institute for the Study of the Origins of Civilization

CIHS is an Affiliate Institute with the Institute for the Study of Origins of Civilization, of Boston University, for the purposes of collaborative research.

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Psy-Tek Labs

CIHS is collaborative with Psy-Tek Laboratory for AMI and other subtle energy / biofield devices research and assessment.

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Tamamitsu Jinja

CIHS is self-governed and operates independently of its founding organization, the Tamamitsu Jinja religious organization. CIHS is proud of its history with the Jinja and enjoys close ongoing relations with Tamamitsu Jinja as an Affiliate Institution.

The nature of Tamamitsu Jinja: The Inclusive-Integrative nature of Tamamitsu Jinja’s own stated mission further indicates structurally there should not be conflict between CIHS and Jinja regarding operational vision or academic freedom. As translated from the Tamamitsu Jinja website: “Religion is not perfect: We believe there is no absolute religion, no completed religion. Although God may be absolute. Even though religion is established in relation to God, as it is a human activity, I think there is no absolute religion, no completed religion. All religions are relative. …And we recognize that our own religion is also not complete. It is a contribution to the quest and realization of God’s intention, to keep seeking better religion and practice, that is our philosophy. …We do not bind or impose with ideology.”

Tamamitsu Jinja is a member of the International Association for Religious Freedom, and a member of Shin Sumiren Federation of New Religious Organizations of Japan: “Its basic philosophy is to build a world of peace and freedom with pillars of promotion of religious cooperation and adherence to religious freedom. And we are developing steady activities and efforts toward challenges human beings face such as abolition of nuclear weapons, development, human rights and the environment.”  (www.shinshuren.or.jp)

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