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CIHS Corporate Programs
CIHS offers consciousness-based experiential programs for corporations

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In today’s corporate environment, many organizations are trying to manage increased complexity, uncertainty, and change. The following programs are designed to help leaders and workers at all levels develop essential skills for the future of work and help cultivate a strong work culture with a resilient and psychologically safe workforce. These innovative programs are group-based and can be provided to specific teams or the entire organization. 

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Experiential Workshop #1: “Building Mental Resilience in Uncertain Times”

This workshop will provide educational and experiential tools for sustained mental health, and practical knowledge to help build mental resilience in your organization. Based on a prevention-oriented paradigm of integral health, the workshop will serve to improve the understanding of the mind and common mental disorders, while increasing resilience and creativity, promoting collaboration, and reducing burnout. The session will include experiential exercises to help apply knowledge in practical ways. The 4-week workshop will include behavioural exercises between sessions to allow for further integration of knowledge.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the nature of the mind and how to deal with uncertainty, complexity, and change.

  • Adopt an integral view and strategies such as growth mindset and process-orientation.

  • Develop the advanced capabilities of the conscious and unconscious mind. 

  • Access a natural, creative state of being and improve innovation.

  • Learn how to systematically improve energy levels and prevent burnout.

  • Improve communication, team collaboration, a sense of belonging and common purpose.

Formats: 60-min instructor-led session, or four sessions over 4 weeks (60 min each).


Experiential Workshop #2: “Psychological Safety in the Workplace”

Description: Psychological safety is necessary for high performing teams, as it helps build a culture of trust, collaboration, and common purpose. This workshop provides tools to create a culture of inclusion and learning, where people feel safe to speak up, take moderate risks, and work creatively together. The session will address how increased isolation during the pandemic affected social cognition, and the importance of prioritizing connection and collaboration. The workshop will also offer ways to increase safety in the workplace by creating conditions for the highest level of authenticity, inclusion, and creativity. The 4-week workshop will include behavioural exercises between sessions to allow for further integration of the learned material.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Learn what psychological safety is and the detrimental effects of fear on productivity and innovation.

  • Understand the importance of inter-personal risk taking in creative work environments.

  • Learn how increased loneliness and isolation affects social cognition. 

  • Cultivate authenticity, creativity, and collaboration in the workplace. 

  • Explore ways to measure psychological safety, open discussion, and gather feedback. 

Formats: 60-min instructor-led session, or four sessions over 4 weeks (60 min each). 


Experiential Workshop #3: “Mastering Emotions for Improved Performance and Wellbeing”

This workshop will help your team members understand and manage emotions for optimal performance and wellbeing. While higher levels of uncertainty and change can increase feelings of overwhelm and depletion, recognizing our unique emotional patterns and cultivating new responses can help us deal with challenging situations and thrive. You will learn to use the advanced capabilities of the mind to effectively regulate emotions and help others co-regulate emotional states for improved collaboration. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand what emotions are and how they affect performance and wellbeing.

  • Learn ways to access a wide range of emotions, and tune into positive emotional states.

  • Practice emotional regulation by using the advanced capabilities of the mind. 

  • Recognize destructive emotional patterns, projection, and judgement. 

  • Learn ways to help others co-regulate emotions and improve collaboration.

Format: 60-min instructor-led session.


Instructor Bio: Milena Braticevic, PhD 

Milena is a mental health educator with a PhD in Integral Health from the California Institute for Human Science. Her mental health literacy programs have helped individuals at various organizations and educational institutions build resilient minds and reduce the prevalence of common mental disorders and stigma. Milena has worked with many organizations in the past, including Price Waterhouse Coopers, American Industrial Hygiene Association, National Safety Council, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, and the Ontario Association of Social Workers. For more information visit

You can view Milena’s interview with Deepak Chopra about her programs here:

CIHS Enligthten offers non academic Continuing Education programs for professionals, students, and the global community. These immersive and educational programs question and explore contemporary ideas whilst enriching and transforming personal and professional lives. For the current calendar of courses, please visit the CIHS ENLIGHTEN page.

CIHS also welcomes change leaders from a variety of disciplines  – Spirituality, Psychology, Integral Health, Philosophy, and the Arts – to illuminate our lives, conveying courage and renewal to meet the challenges of modern life. Click here for the Events Calendar.

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