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California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) is committed to diversity, inclusivity, multiculturalism, equity, and social justice. CIHS seeks to promote, exemplify, and practice respect for the rights and dignity of all people – its students, faculty, staff, and other constituents. The institute is committed to ethnic, gender, religious, sexual orientation and identity, cultural, physical, and other forms of diversity, and to the expression of diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and social justice in its curriculum, its programs, and its operations.

CIHS's mission and the eight principals of our founder, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, echo this commitment to diversity. We are a mind, body, consciousness university that provides students with a multi-dimensional academic experience that bridges science and spirituality. We are a graduate school and research center, as well as a public learning community, on a mission to illuminate humanity through research-informed programs in integral health, integral noetic sciences, and pyshoclogy. We strive to equip and matriculate students with a deeper understanding of the nature of reality; and with the skill set to contribute to the betterment and sustainability of a global society.

Higher education must seek to promote human wellbeing in a world that is rapidly evolving and faces multiple challenges. Since its founding in 1992, CIHS has embraced a mission and set of principles that express a dedication to “Citizens of the Global Society,” “Energy Medicine, which will Prevent Diseases and Promote Health,” and “a Society which Satisfies both the Individuality (Freedom and Rights) and Sociality (Morality and Coexistence) of Human Existence.” Similarly, its Institutional Learning Outcomes, which inform learning at the program and course levels, emphasize “human existence as multi-dimensional, including body, mind, and spirit, fundamentally communal and individual, for the betterment of a sustainable global society,” and “wellbeing practices” for all people.

Moreover, CIHS is grounded in “integral thinking and practice,” reflecting a world that is increasingly diverse and interconnected. It thrives on the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, for example, and of diverse knowledge domains and disciplines, science and spirituality, theory and practice, institution and community, and learning and teaching across the “human sciences.”

Institutions of higher education must promote discovery and exploration of ever new perspectives and knowledge horizons. At CIHS, we believe that a broad range of ideas and practices should be brought to bear on the complex social issues and problems we confront today, and on our work within the broad scope of the “human sciences.”

Diversity, as we envision it at CIHS, is a key to educational excellence and quality. Diversity is “integral” to who and what we are and to the education we offer. We subscribe to what “education” means at its root – e-ducere – “to lead out of,” and, more specifically, to lead out of status quo, embedded ideas and practices to an understanding of, and practical use of, diverse perspectives developed in a collaborative community by diverse people.


Statement of Commitment to Diversity:


As an institution, CIHS is committed to act on this vision of diversity. We intend to provide opportunities for diverse student populations to bring forth their talents, energies, and points of view. Through this, we may create more complete understandings and new frameworks for the integration of science, religion, and the scholarly disciplines as they apply to research, academic pursuits, and professional development. 

Specifically, CIHS is committed to:


  1. Engage and educate our community to ensure equitable treatment of all members and promote the right of each individual to dignity and respect.

  2. Eliminate all discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family status, age, disability, or any other status or identification that has been or is the occasion of unequal treatment, bias, or lack of full acceptance.

  3. Actively recruit and make efforts to retain students, staff, and faculty who represent the larger San Diego community of which we are a part.

  4. Support the academic success of those who come from compromised educational and/or disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as assisting foreign students to adapt to and succeed at CIHS.

  5. Promote the inclusion of those typically underrepresented in certain academic programs, including providing financial support for those not otherwise be able to attend CIHS.

  6. Periodically review institutional policies and procedures to ensure that CIHS functions without discrimination and removes any barrier to fair treatment.

  7. Train faculty and administration in state and federal laws and policies designed to prevent discrimination and violations of individual rights that may be based on discrimination or preferential treatment at the expense of others.

  8. Include issues of diversity and cultural competence in academic classes to better prepare students to function in institutional settings and communities with diverse populations.

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