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ABOUT CIHS Research Center 1

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ABOUT CIHS Research Center 4

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ABOUT CIHS Research Center


Investigating Mechanisms of Human Being as a Whole

CIHS Subtle Energy Research Laboratory

CIHS promotes and encourages research into the broad array of integrative sciences associated with CIHS’ academic programs.

CIHS also has a unique special emphasis on laboratory research into the human subtle body systems generally, and specifically including the “chi energy” system described in traditional Chinese medicine as the mechanism of acupuncture.

CIHS seeks to promote, support, collaborate with, and do subtle body researches that:

  •  Demonstrate the existence of subtle energetic systems;

  •  Illuminate the mechanism of action of subtle energetic systems;

  •  Develop and apply subtle energetic healing modalities that enhance physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Physical laboratory facilities at CIHS include:

  • AMI snapshot devices

  • AMI continuous devices

  • A complete suite of state of the art Biofeedback sensor systems

  • A photon counter and biophoton counting system

  • A BioWell gas discharge visualization device

  • A sophisticated heart monitor system

  • The largest Faraday room in the region

  • A collaborative association with PsyTek Laboratories housed on campus:

    • GDV devices

    • ESTek devices

    • State of the art Infrared camera for medical imaging

    • Brain mapping systems


Research Coordinator and Partnership Liaison: Heather Lutz, M.Ed.

​Subtle Energy Research Laboratory at CIHS was established in 1992 by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, founder of CIHS, as a pioneering center to pursue multidisciplinary studies of the human Subtle Energy. It is anticipated that the 21st century will signify the beginning of the synthesis of diverse fields of sciences, medical, biological, physical, psychological, etc., presenting a holistic new paradigm of the human being as integrated Body-Mind-Spirit inter-connected functionally through the workings of subtle energies.

CIHS Subtle Energy Research Laboratory is aimed at studying the measurable subtle energy effects and underlying mechanisms by means of bio-electrical instrumentation with rigorous analytical methodology.

Current approach for this research at our laboratory is primarily based upon the measurement of acupuncture meridian system of the oriental medicine, which reflects the conditions of both physical and non-physical aspects of the body in the form of measurable physical variables. This measurement is performed by the unique electronic instrument called “AMI,” developed by Dr. Motoyama, in combination with conventional electro-physiological research instruments.