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COVID 19 Policy Update

October 25, 2021

Dear Faculty, Students and Staff:


As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, CIHS is modifying onsite protocols for faculty, staff, students, and visitors as outlined below. While these changes will decrease some measures, the Institute reserves the right to reinstate safety protocols in the event of substantial or potential increases in COVID-19 infection rates.


If you will be teaching any in-person classes, working onsite, or attending in-person meetings or events on the CIHS campus, these changes will affect you. 


Onsite COVID-19 protocols:

  • Check-in screenings on campus are not required.

  • COVID-19 precautions signage will remain in place.

  •  Interior sanitizing protocols, hand sanitizer, and N-95 masks are available upon request 

  • Mask recommendation continued, but not required


Vaccination requirements:

  • CIHS does not require Faculty, Students or Staff to be vaccinated. 


Faculty and Students

  • Masks are not required in classrooms or on campus unless otherwise specified.

  • Faculty members and students participating in an onsite class will continue to be updated on CIHS’s current COVID-19 protocols.


Public Health and Safety

  • It is the highest priority of CIHS that all members of the CIHS community are safe and remain healthy.

  • If you feel sick, show symptoms of COVID-19, or test positive – please stay home. If you are a faculty member, notify your program director; If you are student, notify your instructor; If you are a staff member, notify your supervisor. 

  • CIHS follows the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when it comes to COVID-19 exposure, isolation, and quarantine. For more information about those protocols, please use these resources:



Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping the CIHS community a safe and productive learning environment for all.




August 10, 2021

Dear CIHS Community,

The University's leadership team has resolved to teach all classes, except for laboratory classes considered on a special case basis, online through Summer Quarter 2021. The plan will be updated as necessary, following guidance from local authorities and the Centers for Disease Control.


In Fall Quarter 2021, starting October 1, 2021, CIHS will resume the same hybrid course delivery format CIHS was using before the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this hybrid course delivery system, courses taught by instructors local to CIHS campus may be offered in hybrid mode in which live class meetings are held on campus for local students and simultaneously on Zoom for distance learners in the course, with the Zoom projected into the campus classroom for live interaction of distance learners with on-campus learners during the class meetings. 


Safe Campus Reopening Phases

Our campus reopening phases will be aligned with the County of San Diego – Covid 19 Case rate data (

  • Yellow Tier (case rate < 2.0%) = Planned return to activities. Hybrid course delivery.

  • Orange Tier (case rate > 2.0 – 5.9%) = Priority personnel on campus. Online course delivery.

  • Red Tier (case rate > 6.0 - 10.0%) = Essential personnel on campus. Online course delivery.

  • Purple Tier (case rate > 10.0%) = Essential personnel only campus, offices are closed. Online course delivery. The campus is not open to visitors. All appointments to be conducted via Zoom or Phone.


Mask Requirements


Students, Faculty, Administrators, and Visitors to the Campus are required to wear masks in all indoor buildings and facilities.


Campus Vaccination Protocols


At all times, CIHS will seek to respect the health and wellbeing of individual students and the campus community as a whole.


Students, Faculty, and Staff who are vaccinated must complete the Vaccination Verification Process by sending a copy of their vaccination card to by September 15, 2021. Upon verification, they will be cleared to enter campus.


Students, Faculty, or Staff who are not vaccinated, may request an exception to the Vaccination Verification Process following the steps below:

  1. Send an e-mail to stating the reason for your request for an exception (include supporting documentation).

    • CIHS will consider exceptions due to religious beliefs, Disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), documented medical conditions, or pregnancy.

    • You must send a request no later than September 15, 2021, to be considered for an exception. The review panel consisting of the Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Planning, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Chair of Faculty Senate will evaluate your request.

    • If your request is granted, you must present weekly proof of negative COVID test. Send a picture or your negative COVID test every Friday by 5 PM to to be cleared to enter campus the following week.


While campus facilities will continue to have reduced access, we ask Students, Faculty, Staff, and Visitors to the CIHS campus to follow these procedures:


  • All visitors to campus must sign in at the front office.

  • Limit your stay on campus to your class or work schedule.

  • Practice social distance.

  • Gatherings of more than 15 people must receive approval in advance.

  • Events hosted by the University will follow the above procedures.


Additional Information:


Since guidelines from health authorities are evolving at this point, some of what is expressed here may change between now and the planned October start date for the Fall Quarter.


A few of the general practices we intend to implement include the following:


  • Any students or faculty who have covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive to covid-19 and not been vaccinated, or have been exposed to people with covid-19 should follow CDC guidance to self-isolate or stay at home. All such individuals should let the CIHS administration know of your status; we will do everything possible to facilitate your off-campus learning and to ensure your continuing academic progress.

  • When on campus, all students, faculty, and others should practice regular hand washing and cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing. We will provide more guidance, informed by local, state, and national guidelines, as we get closer to the Fall Quarter start date on whether or not masks must be worn when on campus.

  • CIHS will provide soap, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and, if required, face masks. The wellbeing of our constituents as we reopen is of great importance to us.


As we implement on-campus or hybrid courses in the Fall, we will bear in mind the following:


  • All national, state, and local guidelines regarding covid-19 and any associated issues;

  • Practices of other local and state universities and colleges;

  • The time zones in which students or faculty are located and how to best meet the needs when students/faculty are in different time zones;

  • The appropriate use of Zoom and other technologies when courses are conducted in a hybrid fashion – partly on-campus, partly distance education;

  • The government requirements for on-campus attendance by students who have US visas for studying;

  • Complying with our general safety standards (see CIHS Catalog, p. 15) and our requirements for distance learning (see CIHS Catalog, p. 29);

  • Implementing special procedures for any unvaccinated students, faculty, staff, or visitors to campus, and ensuring that all members of the CIHS community are aware of individuals who remain unvaccinated and advised to take necessary precautions.


Whether in anticipation of the Fall Quarter or at any other time, CIHS intends to ensure the academic engagement and progress of all students and to ensure their health and wellbeing.


If you have any questions, you may contact Hideki Baba, Ph.D., Dean of Administration/Registrar at







March 15, 2020

Dear CIHS Community,


Promoting wellbeing is at the center of our intentions as we as a CIHS community do our part to protect public health.  In this important initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, it is important to implement practices that will slow the transmission of the virus.


On March 9, I sent out a communication encouraging students and faculty who have any concerns about the virus to take advantage of the Zoom class delivery option that CIHS has implemented in all courses except for laboratory or interpersonal modality courses.  The communication also encouraged administrators and on-campus employees with any concerns about possible exposure to the virus to work from home.


California is one of three US states with confirmed community transmission, and there are cases in the local area.  Thursday, March 12, the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, issued a Order of the Health Officer, here.  CIHS is therefore implementing the scenario II measures in the Higher Education Guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health, including alternates to congregate programming within the campus.


For all faculty and students, our priority continues to be that our classes proceed with minimal disruption.  Friday, March 13, was the completion of the regular instruction period of Winter Quarter.  Spring Quarter course meetings begin Monday, April 6.  All CIHS course meetings shall be held as normally scheduled via Zoom, without physically congregating, through the next month to April 20 or until further notice.  Community and public events on campus shall either be moved to Zoom or postponed, through the next month to April 20 or until further notice.  All administrators and employees shall telecommute, except when it is essential to be on campus, starting Monday, March 16, going forward; to be reviewed internally on a weekly basis.


Please take care of yourself.  Check in with your Program Director, or the Dean of Student Life, Dr. Nick Bustos, for any situations that are specific to you or to your teaching or learning situation.  Remember that individual risk remains generally low.  These measures to limit physically congregating are taken to assist the public health effort to slow the public transmission of COVID-19.  Practice the basics: handwashing, enough sleep, sneezing or coughing into a tissue, staying home if you are unwell – please.


If you are worried that you may have contracted COVID-19 or been exposed, check with your health care provider and follow their advice.  Everyone’s safety and wellbeing is our first priority.


The March 9 announcement, this announcement, and additional informational sources will be available on the CIHS website here.


With wishes for your best wellbeing.

Thomas Brophy, Ph.D.


March 9, 2020

Dear CIHS Faculty, Administrators, and Students:


Promoting wellbeing is central to CIHS’ mission.  CIHS holds in our hearts and minds the continued health and wellbeing of all, as we prepare to meet the current public health challenge facing the world, COVID-19. 


We continue to monitor the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the California Department of Public Health, Higher Education Guidance on COVID-19, and local universities.


Although we hope for the best, we are making plans for a range of scenarios up to the unlikely possibility of closing the campus. For all faculty and students, our priority (in addition to your health and wellbeing) is that our classes can proceed with minimal disruption.  As the majority of our class meetings are already accessible by Zoom, if you feel ill or suspect you might have been exposed to COVID-19 please attend your course meeting via Zoom.  Any students who need to miss class meetings please contact your professor and CIHS’ Dean of Academic Affairs, accommodations will be arranged.


For the time being, public events including Wednesday evening’s Open House, will continue.  However, please take all precautions recommended by authorities, including frequent hand and face hygiene, and staying home if you have reason to believe you may have been exposed to the virus.  Practice a non-contact form of greeting, such as a Buddhist gassho bow, or an Ayurvedic Namaste greeting.


Administrators and on-campus employees, feel free to work from home as you may arrange so with your supervisor.


Please take care of yourself. Check in with your Program Director, or the Dean of Student Life, Dr. Nick Bustos, for any situations that are specific to you or to your teaching or learning situation. Please remember that individual risk remains low.  Practice the basics: handwashing, enough sleep, sneezing or coughing into a tissue, staying home if you are unwell - please.


If you are worried that you may have contracted COVID-19 or been exposed, check with your health care provider and follow their advice.  Everyone’s safety and wellbeing is our first priority.


Faculty members, students are copied on this, but please pass this message on to your students in case they missed it.


With wishes for your good health,

Thomas Brophy, Ph.D.


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