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Hydration and Conscious Movement

CIHS Trustee Ann Marie Cushing moderates a talk with Anthropologist Gina Bria & Osteopathic Medical Doctor Michelle Veneziano, discussing body awareness and conscious movement as hydrating behaviors that elevate health, and give rise to radiance, flow, and a healthier world.

The Speakers:

Named real world scholar, anthropologist Gina Bria researches, consults, and speaks on hydration strategies for health and agriculture. In 2021 she received the ten-year BUCKMINSTER FULLER DESIGN SCIENCE STUDIO AWARD, and has just been named Knowledge Partner with the US State Department AIM Initiative. Gina founded the HYDRATION to promote optimal hydration for people, plants and soils.

Dr. Michelle Veneziano is a family physician, intuitive, and an adjunct clinical professor at Touro University in Northern California. She has been a student of Continuum Movement, Yoga, Buddhism, Tai Chi and Tantric practices for many years. Her approach to osteopathic medicine is rooted in Cranial Osteopathy, a hands-on, evidence-based therapeutic practice that sources both western & eastern philosophies to support the body’s ability to heal itself.


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