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Growing at CIHS- A Student Life Story

Here PhD Student Kristi Inzunza shares her experience at CIHS. Kristi, like many of our adult students, comes from successful career past into a space of exploration and redefining of what is meaningful to her and what she wants to bring to the world.

CIHS board member in the news for groundbreaking research

CIHS Trustee Board member Dr. Paul Mills, who is also professor and chief in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine, is in the news for leading the publication of forefront research into human health effects of industrial herbicide use. https://health.ucsd.edu/news/releases/Pages/2019-05-14-herbicide-linked-to-human-liver-disease.aspx

"Consciousness & Spirit II" Conference at Yale

Hosted by the Yale Divinity School, CIHS is proud to co-sponsor this conference with the Society for Consciousness Studies. This meeting of luminaries will explore the intersections between contemporary understandings of human consciousness and spirit. CIHS is well represented, with presentations or workshops by Thomas Brophy, Nick Bustos, Ji Hyang Padma, Heather Lutz, Paul Mills, Tiffany Barsotti, Chiara Marrapodi, and John St. Clair. We are also pleased to have Deepak Chopra, Distinguished Professor of Consciousness Studies and Wellbeing at CIHS, as a plenary presenter. A big Kudos to them for showing what we stand for! Additonal plenary presenters include: Allan Combs, Ken Wilber, Nancy E


New research published by neuroscientists at Caltech shows that sudden changes in Earth's magnetic field affect human brainwaves--specifically, depressing alpha waves associated with wakeful relaxation. This raises the possibility that humans can sense geomagnetic storms. Learn more about the link between human biology and space weather at Spaceweather.com. Read about it HERE.

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