• Part-Time Director of Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Research

    1. Design, collection, analysis, presentation, and communication of demographic and academic data about the Institute in particular as well as the trends in higher education in general.

    2. Design and collection of data required for the Institute’s internal program reviews, strategic planning, CA BPPE, and WASC accreditation.

    3. Provide leadership for course and program learning assessments activities; Complete institutional and programmatic assessment reports.

    4. Participate in institutional effectiveness discussions to guide continuous quality improvements.

    5. Assist faculty and administrators on professional development opportunities in topics related to best practices in institutional research and outcomes assessment.

    6. Coordination, collection, and analysis of data for assessment of practices and activities related to the CIHS strategic plan, academic plan, diversity and inclusion metrics, and other initiatives

    7. Responding to requests for data and reports from academic departments, and central offices, in collaboration with CIHS faculty and staff.

    8. Coordination, implementation, and analysis of student, faculty, staff, and alumni surveys.

    9. Increasing the institutional research capacity at CIHS by creating formal and informal professional development opportunities regarding survey design, data collection and analysis, and assessment.

    10. Participation in and contribution to institutional and academic assessment practices and initiatives to advance institutional effectiveness and improvement, especially for WASC accreditation.

    Part Time

    Remote Option Available

  • Part-Time Executive Assistant to the President

    • Executive Support:Completes a broad variety of administrative tasks for the President; plans, coordinates and ensures schedules.

    • Researches, prioritizes, and  follows up on incoming issues and concerns addressed to the President;  determines appropriate courses of action, referrals, or responses.

    • Works closely and effectively  with the President to keep him/her well informed of upcoming commitments  and responsibilities, following up appropriately.

    • Provides leadership to build  relationships crucial to the success of the organization, and manages a  variety of special projects for the President.

    • Successfully completes  critical aspects of deliverables with a hands-on approach, including  drafting acknowledgement letters, personal correspondence, and other  tasks that facilitate the President’s responsibilities.

    • Prioritizes conflicting needs;  handles matters expeditiously, proactively, and follows-through on  projects to successful completion, often with deadline pressures.

    Part Time


  • Part-Time Laboratory Research Assistant

    CIHS seeks a qualified professional to serve as Laboratory Research Assistant. Duties include:

    • Assist AMI device research, as a skilled operator of the AMI.

    • Implement AMI device measures for CIHS courses, clients, and demonstrations.

    • Maintain CIHS AMI devices, and troubleshoot their operational use needs.

    • Maintain and assist the operation of CIHS research devices generally, including:

    1. AMI snapshot devices.

    2. AMI continuous devices.

    3. Complete suite of Biofeedback sensors.

    4. A photon counter and biophoton counting system.

    5. A sophisticated hrv monitor system.

    6. A BioWell gas discharge visualization device.

    7. A large Faraday room.

    • Assist and ensure functioning of laboratory equipment for laboratory courses.

    • Be onsite teaching assistant for laboratory course faculty.

    • Oversee website updates as they relate to laboratory research and devices.

    • Assist the Director of Life Physics and Laboratory Research, and the President, in coordinating research collaborations, and research project development.

    Work-Study (PT)

    On Site