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Health & Wellness: Eastern Practice in a Western World

Join us for a day-long workshop that includes mindfulness-based stress reduction, plant-based healing, partner qigong and tai chi, yoga, metta mindfulness music, and releasing your inner power. Saturday, March 2, 2019 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. California Institute for Human Science Karen Lim – Event Coordinator Having retired from 26 years of teaching English at San Diego City College, Karen missed her passion for organizing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. Many of her close colleagues did not have a chance to enjoy retirement due to illness. Determined to extend her longevity into the golden years, she took on a journey to find health and strength in body, mind and

Why come to CIHS?- an alumni story

CIHS - The Mind, Body, and Spirit I Needed for Medical School by Jesse Kipperman In 2007 I was barely getting by at the University of California Santa Cruz with low grades and a lousy attitude about the education system. I believe myself and many others are shuffled through a well-established system starting early on being told we need to achieve high honors, volunteer, and engage in extracurricular activities to be competitive for college, so that one day we can be "successful". But this success is often shaved through the lens of a culture that can sometimes be quite misguided. My soul felt this at the time but my mind was unable to understand what I was going through. Lacking perspectiv

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