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CIHS participates in MTO Shahmaghsoudi Oneness event

CIHS was honored to be invited to participate in a beautiful community event, Oneness, "an artistic and cross-cultural, celebration of unity & peace. The “Beloved’s Garden of Oneness” was a cross-cultural, interfaith, artistic, and musical celebration of “Oneness of Existence”.

The goal of this event was to promote the spirit of unity, inclusion, love, and peace within the community through the universal language of ART and music! Wonderful performances by the Encinitas Ballet Company were featured, as well as live performances of music, and displays of original art.

CIHS President, Dr. Thomas Brophy, was one of the keynote speakers, and presented a talk on the bridge between Oneness and Science. Click the link below to view a recording of his speech.

Dr. Farnaz Khoromi, CIHS School of Psychology Program Director, was also one of the keynote speakers. She teaches a course on Islamic Sufism, and infuses her 30 year studies with MTO Shahmaghsoudi into her teachings.

Other sponsors included Encinitas local businesses SDIMA (San Dieguito Interfaith Ministerial Association), Poway Interfaith Team, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Salaam, Encinitas Ballet Company, Yay Flute! Encinitas Flute Studio, The Violin Shop, PB interfaith coalition.

Follow the links to watch Dr. Brophy's Talk and see the program highlight video


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