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CIHS Dean of Research and Best Selling Author, Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

As part of our CIHS 30 year anniversary special event series, CIHS hosted an evening with Dr. Jeffery A. Martin, on Wednesday, May 4th.

This special event explored the Secrets of Persistent Awakening: Lessons from the Largest Scientific Research Project on Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience.

In this talk, Dr. Martin covered the unconscious choice that most people are making that is dramatically limiting their life, and discussed two possible alternatives, and went into detail on the most powerfully transformative of the two. We examined what science has learned over the last 20 years, the myths it has exposed, and potential that can be realized. You'll learn a simple formula that you can start using right away to make progress, and what is most important for you to keep in mind as you begin to realize success with it.

Check out the video of the event HERE

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