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CIHS to be represented at international congress on Integral Higher Education

This February 15 to 18, CIHS is going to be well represented in the company of international institutional leaders of Integral Higher Education, at a conference on Contemplative Dialogues & Practices in Integral Higher Education, hosted at The Gnostic Centre, Delhi, India.

CIHS will be joining representatives of prestigious institutions from the US, UK, China and India, at this seminal event designed to:

  1. Deepen, widen and create a body of knowledge in the area of Integral Higher Education.

  2. Form an Integral Consortium of practitioners, create a network, and publications on themes within the field of Integral Higher Eduction.

As an outgrowth of CIHS’ forging a collaborative relationship with The Gnostic Centre, CIHS’ Advisor for Strategic Growth Joseph Subbiondo (as co-organizer) and Thomas Brophy will be representing CIHS. This initiative is a significant step in CIHS's effort to pioneer integral education and leadership. Stay tuned for a special event where we share what was learned!

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