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Book by Dr. Sam Aganov:

The Neuroscience of Personal Growth: Exploring The Neural Dynamics of Change and Development

Books by Dr. Thomas Brophy:

The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism

The Origin Map: Discovery of a Prehistoric, Megalithic, Astrophysical Map and Sculpture of the Universe

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

The Christmas Code: A New Astronomy of Christmas and how it came from Ancient Egypt

Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos

Books by Dr. Richard Jelusich:

Eye of the Lotus

I can Relate

Books by Dr. Stanley Krippner:

Broken Images, Broken Selves

Dreamtime and Dreamwork

Advances in Parapsychological Research Vol.1

Advances in Parapsychological Research Vol.2


Books by Dr. Sharon Mijares

Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World’s Religious Traditions

The Psychospiritual Clinician’s Handbook: Alternative Methods for Understanding and Treating Mental Disorders 

The Root of All Evil: An Exposition of Prejudice, Fundamentalism and Gender Imbalance.

The Revelation of the Breath: A Tribute to Its Wisdom, Power and Beauty

The Presence of Mother Earth in Ritual. In Don Eulert (Ed). Ritual and Healing

A Force Such As the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change.

Books by Dr. William Tiller:

Science and Human Transformation

Science of Homeopathy

Science of Crystallization: Microscopic Phenomena and Defect Generation

Psychoenergetic Science


    Discover books by CIHS Faculty, including the many books by CIHS Founder, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyoma.

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