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Innovative distance learning Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degree programs in Integral Health, Integral Noetic Sciences, and Psychology.

CIHS has received temporary approval from the US Department of Education to utilize distance learning for program delivery due to the COVID pandemic.  CIHS is currently seeking approval from the institutional accreditor WASC Senior College and University Commission for approval for all programs to utilize the distance education delivery option.

CIHS’ curriculum is committed to the expansion of consciousness through formal education. Technology allows us to reach a broader spectrum of students. At CIHS,  our online distance learning degree programs delivers the same comprehensive course offerings as our residential program, but with the added benefit that you can learn anytime, anywhere, at your convenience  — from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The same CIHS courses taught on campus are offered online every quarter. Distance learning students and on-campus students earn the same degree, follow the same quarter schedule, have the same deadlines, course requirements, and instructors, do the same class readings; and share the same virtual classroom where they can exchange emails and comments and post their blogs, discussion forums, videos, field trip reports and pictures, and academic papers.

Our distance learning degree programs all have a real-time component, with live interaction – combined with workshops and/or laboratory sections and/or practicums – attended on campus that students can utilize throughout their program.

The opportunity for interacting with local students is what makes CIHS online education unique and fun. Both local in California and online students from all over the world benefit immensely from this interaction. CIHS Distance Learning is not a correspondence course; it is an opportunity for non-local students to have a transformational experience and earn a professional degree from a school that is pioneering research in the fields of integral studies, subtle energy healing and research, and consciousness expansion.



ACADEMICS Online Programs Our Online Learning Platform

CIHS employs an Integrated Learning Modality (ILM) or hybrid type instruction modality that integrates traditional in-class direct instruction with technology, specifically a distance education learning platform called Moodle.


 Moodle is intuitive and user friendly; students who are even moderately computer proficient (familiar with the internet, able to email, type, and upload/download documents, for example), should be able to master Moodle with ease. CIHS provides each new student with a Moodle Training Handbook, and also offers technology support and personal training on Moodle if requested/required.  


In addition to Moodle, some classes will also use Skype, Google Hangouts or other online video conferencing technology to create a live learning experience for students who are not local. 



CIHS is excited to expand our efforts toward students nationally and locally by offering online options for nearly all our programs. With the exception of our Life Physics program, which is conducted primarily in the lab. For students interested in taking some Life Physics courses, arrangements can be made for intensive lab classes one time a quarter. The Integral Health option allows for flexibility for those students interested in some Life Physics but who do not want to reside locally. There are online options for all other programs, with some on-campus components, to be individually designed in consultation with the  academic advisor.


CIHS is committed to meeting the needs of our adult student population by encouraging professors to utilize a hybrid method for those courses that must have an in person component (like psychological testing, for example) whenever possible. This means that out of a 10-week quarter, there may be two on-campus meetings. Under special circumstances, these may be video-conferenced to accommodate those students who are unable to attend.


The California Regulatory Board approves CIHS’s Clinical Psychology degree programs for eligibility for licensure. The coursework for these programs can be completed primarily online, with the exception of a few classes and the internships, when applicable, which may be required to be completed onsite. CIHS is committed to working with each student to ensure the educational programs are met. If you are interested in out-of-state licensure as a psychology professional, please contact your state’s appropriate Board to check for reciprocity with California.


Doctoral dissertations are almost without exception defended on campus in Encinitas, CA. However, since we have students from all over the globe, under specific circumstances and with the Program Director’s approval, they can be defended via video conference or Skype. One committee member must be present with the student who exercises this option. Online students in the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program may earn academic credits for pre-doctoral internship with the approval of the director of the Psychology Program.

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