In partnership with Soul of Yoga (SOY), graduates from this program will also receive an IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Credential. 

Learning Objectives

The Joint Integral Health Masters & IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy program provides a comprehensive, three-dimensional study of the whole being – mind, body, spirit – utilizing the tools of yoga and holistic healing, including asana, meditation, pranayama, energy work, chanting, mudra, spiritual psychology and counseling, and lifestyle suggestions from an integrative and holistic perspective.  This is a collaborative program between CIHS and the Soul of Yoga, which hosts San Diego’s only fully IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy Training Program. Additionally, as a solidly academic program, it provides the critical thinking and research literacy skills necessary to excel in a graduate program, as well as in the academic and professional arena. The Joint Integral Health Masters & IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy program offers an experiential approach grounded in spirituality and consciousness, but also in theory and science.

Upon completion of this program, students will be both IAYT Credential eligible Yoga Therapists as well as MA degreed holistic health professionals able to teach clients how to tailor the practices and teachings of yoga to address their individual health needs and to cultivate a personal wellness program. This program allows participants to earn 300-RYT certification upon completion of required and elective courses included in the Soul of Yoga IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training.

Prerequisites for Admissions

Program Learning Outcomes

Integral Health Masters PLOs.  Graduates of CIHS Integral Health Master’s program will be able to:

  • PLO 1: Synthesize diverse studies in the human sciences and articulate their transdisciplinary nature, including psychology, integral health, philosophy of science, and reality theory.

  • PLO 2: Demonstrate empathic and formal communication informed by an integrated view of human interaction, scholarly sources.

  • PLO 3: Construct philosophical and scientific paradigms that advance systematic approaches to wellbeing.

  • PLO 4: Critically evaluate and solve problems in the human sciences in an integrally informed manner, through the use of qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.

  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

  • One year of yoga teaching experience.

Degree Requirements

Sixty-one (61) graduate quarter units are required to complete the Master of Arts degree program in Integral Health - Concentration in AIYT Yoga Therapy. Twenty-four core curriculum graduate quarter units are earned in six core courses designed to establish a basic foundation in the systems of philosophy and research methods. The remaining units are earned by completing elective courses drawn from Integral Health or other departments in consultation with the program director. 


Core courses                    24 units

IAYT Yoga Therapy          29 units

Electives                            8 units

TOTAL                                61 units

Core Curriculum

  • IH 500 Academic Writing Within the Human Sciences (4 units)

  • IH 501 Foundations in Integral Studies (4 units)

  • IH 502 Consciousness Studies (4 units)

  • IH 645 Integral Spiritual Coaching (4 units)

  • IH 504 Spiritual Education (several options available) (4 units)

  • IH 505 Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (4 units

Sample Elective Courses

  • IH 652 Subtle Energy System I (4 units)

  • IH 605 Survey of Complementary Methods/Medicine (4 units)

  • IH-LP 640 Biophysics of Neuroscience (4 units)

  • IH-LP 651Psychoacoustics (4 units)

  • IH 681 Consciousness-Based Medicine (4 units)


*Courses from other departments can also be taken as electives in consultation with the program director.

Concentration in IAYT Yoga Therapy

Students must complete 29 graduate quarter units in Yoga Therapy:



  • IHYT 500 Orientation (1.5 units)

  • IHYT 501 Holistic Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga (8 units)

  • IHYT 502 Foundations of Ayurveda (4 units)

  • IHYT 503 Yoga for Cancer & Chronic Disease (4 units)

  • IHYT 504 iRest Level 1 (3 units)

  • IHYT 600 Practicum and Research (3.5 units)

  • IHYT 599 Karma Yoga Project (5 units)