Towards a Master's in Comparative Religion and Philosophy,

Yoga Studies Specialization

Under Reciprocal Agreement with the Soul of Yoga Institute

This is a new offering with a reciprocal agreement for Soul of Yoga students to take CIHS classes towards a Master's degree in Comparative Religion and Philosophy, with a specialization in Yoga Studies or on an audit basis, and for CIHS students to take classes through the Soul of Yoga, towards Yoga Alliance Advanced Certification as a yoga teacher.  Visit the Soul of Yoga website  to learn more about their yoga teacher training programs.  


The Soul of Yoga courses offer rich experiential insight into the discipline of yoga, so that students can fully integrate the  philosophical insight of their didactic studies with the grounded experiential wisdom of embodied praxis, in a way that fully supports the students professional and personal enrichment. They offer the opportunity to earn a 300 hour Advanced certification. These courses are considered a practicum, advised and mentored by the Director of Comparative Religion and Philosophy(CRP). 

California Institute for Human Science  CRP Master's with Yoga Studies specialization provides an opportunity for yoga teachers' to strengthen their philosophical foundations, integrate cutting-edge research into integrative health, and gain professional standing within the community of scholars.   Contact Dr. Ji Hyang Padma, Director of the CRP Program, here.

By initiating this partnership with Soul of Yoga, CIHS is strengthening its institutional commitment to benefit the wider San Diego community. The California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) is a graduate school dedicated to the integration of science and spirituality, and the study of the mind-body-spirit. 


For the Fall 2018 quarter, the following course is offered from The Soul of Yoga:


        Breathing for Life: Principles, Practice and Foundations of Prāṇāyāma with Richard Miller PhD

This course covers the theory, structure, and in-depth practice of prāṇāyāma for health, healing, and awakening to our underlying Essential Nature. The workshop consists of in-depth lectures, guided practice and Q&A sessions designed to teach the foundations of prāṇāyāma for yoga therapy healing, meditative benefits, as well as developing and maintaining a personal practice.

These courses are treated by CIHS as an Independent Study for CRP students, coordinated with the Comparative Religion and Philosophy department. They can also personally and professionally enrich you and your professional and spiritual practice. 

Please note that Soul of Yoga Institute courses frequently fill up months ahead of their delivery, and plan accordingly.


There is a three-step process for CIHS students to register for Soul of Yoga Institute courses:

  1.  Visit the Soul of Yoga Advanced Certifications page here . Select your course. 

  2.   Contact the CRP Director, to draw up the independent study practicum agreement for this course. 

  3. Contact the CIHS registrar, and pay for the course.  With payment, your enrollment is complete.

For questions about the Soul of Yoga teacher training courses and certification, please contact Shannon Ramo at or  760.943.7685. 


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