SACSAC 37th Annual Conference

Wednesday, March 29th – Saturday, April 1st


Transforming Energy into Action

The concept of “subtle energy” is fundamental to many of the esoteric principals and spiritual beliefs that have been part of our world’s cultures since time immemorial.  Variously called qi (chi), mana, prana, chakra, wakan, keyoi, holy spirit, cosmic ether, life force, etc., these traditions emphasize that all things, including humans, are made up of a network of complex energies and energetic fields.  The theme of the 2017 conference concerns the diverse ways in which these subtle energies can be manipulated or transformed and the significance of these practices to the world today.


This conference is not CIHS’ event. CIHS is hosting this conference. If you have any questions regarding this conference including call for papers, registration, and accomodation, please contact Program Coodinator, Brian Bartelt at

For more inforamtion for Call for Papers, please see the information below.

Call for Papers


CIHS Student can take this conference as unit course.

Course Description:

Held on CIHS campus will be opened for CIHS students to take as a for credit course.  In this conference-course, CIHS students will attend and participate in the SAC conference.  After full attendance a reflection paper, as per degree standards for your program will be submitted.  2 quarter units.

Syllabus, Course Deliverables:

2 unit course:

A conference reflections and overview paper, constructed as follows.

Identify at least two well posed fundamental scientific or philosophical or applications questions, related to the conference topic, that you are particularly interested in.

Write those questions down, in advance of the conference.

Attend each presentation and interactivity section.

Keep real time notes on the content of each presentation and interactivity section, focusing on whether and how each addresses or does not address your articulated fundamental questions.

Organize those notes into a conference reflections and overview paper.

Maximum length 11 pages, maximum one page on each presentation.

BIS minimum 4 pages, MA minimum 6 pages, PhD maximum 11 pages.





Theory and Practice of the Chakras

with Paul Grilley


April 22 & 23, 2017


In this workshop we will introduce the basic techniques of chakra meditation, per the classic text, “Theories of the Chakras” by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. that outlines both ancient and modern theories of chakra location; demonstrates the relationship between the nadis and pranas of yoga, with the meridians and chi of acupuncture theory; and outlines asana, pranayama and bandha practices used to awaken the
  • Registration fee for outside community members: $325 by April 1
  • Registration fee after April 1: $375
  • For CIHS graduate students: Two unit academic course credit fee: Registration due date: March 24th.










Forefront Consciousness & Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field

July 8 & 9, 2017


The California Institute for Human Science’s annual Summer Symposium 2017 will be Forefront Consciousness and Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field, July 8 and July 9, on our beautiful Encinitas Campus. CIHS welcomes your participation in our community of scholars. There is exciting work being done at the forefront of consciousness and healing research. This includes studies that explore subtle energy healing and intentionality, research into altered states of consciousness, in-depth research into ancient and contemporary healing practices, models of the subtle body, chi energy measuring devices research, and reflections on the ways these insights and praxis may serve to create a more healthful, peaceful, and just society

This conference seeks to investigate the relationship between the practice of subtle healing methods and their research. How might the practice of these methods be guided by what has been discovered through scientific research? How might subtle energy healing practices inform new ways of doing research? We invite presentation proposals on all subjects of consciousness and healing research that include both theory and practice. All proposals are to be sent to


The deadline for proposals is May 1st.



  • Professionals from all levels of higher education, including faculty, graduate students, alumni, staff, and administrators, are invited to submit proposals for consideration.
  • Professional practitioners of holistic healing modalities are also invited to submit proposals for consideration.
  • Proposals must indicate a session type: thematic, practice, interactive, or poster.
  • Proposal length 150 to 250 words, plus a bio up to 150 words.
  • Indicate whether you would like to participate also in a panel discussion overview of the Symposium general theme.
  • The submission deadline is Monday, May 1st, 2017 at midnight PDT (07:00 UTC).
  • The conference committee will begin reviewing proposals after May 1st. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the end of May.
  • Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the conference committee.
  • Up to four outstanding proposals will be granted free admission to the conference.



$560 including for 2 units academic credit. [$450 for grandfathered students.]

$430 Audit and general public.







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