Subtle Energy Devices and Research
with Gaétan Chevalier

For all of us who believe we are spiritual beings, made up of mind-body and energy, here is a course that helps us understand the scientific principles that support that understanding.

Perhaps we want to be able to discuss spiritual matters scientifically. This is the course for you.

Join well-known subtle energy researchers Dr. Gaetan Chevalier and Dr. Thomas Brophy, and Psy- Tek Laboratories, for this exciting and insightful exploration of subtle energy, in this hands- on demonstration of electrophysiological “subtle energy” related devices.   The devices will be studied as to how they operate electronically and physiologically.   Join us in unlocking the mysteries of subtle energy, and awaken your awareness of the power of these subtle forces at work in your life.

Weekend dates:

Fri. 1/26 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Sat. 1/27 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sun 1/28 8:00 am – 5:00 pm



Full course option with additional research study available for $960; includes attendance at

additional weekend of Feb. 2-4.

To enroll, or for further information, contact Tamiko at or 760-634-1771.


Weekend Workshop: Dying Consciously:
The Greatest Journey
with Dr. JiHyang Padma

Saturday/Sunday March 10-11

The Dying Consciously Program is a service dedicated to helping people make their final transitions. It is designed for all people involved in the dying process: the individual, caregivers, family members and friends. It offers a message of hope with easy to follow steps: it is possible to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process.  


CIHS student tuition:  2 units.

Community fee prior to 2/1 $275.  After 2/1 $325.

For more information visit our website at



Click here



Weekend Workshop: Creative Fire
with Brian Rill Ph.D.

Saturday/Sunday March 17-18
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 9am – 1pm

 Creativity is the dance between what we know and what we don’t know, a tension between possibility and constraint. The challenge is to awaken particular energies that help our creativity flourish, and to interrupt disruptive energies that kill our creativity. In this weekend seminar you will learn how to identify and work with these energies to become an inner commander of your own creative enterprise, able to harness your potential at will and with skill.


CIHS student tuition: 2 units.

Community Fee prior to 2/1: $275. After 2/1: $325.

For more info. Visit our website at:



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Education & Mindfulness Retreat:
Reduce Stress and Improve Learning

with Educational Neuroscientist Dr. Janet Zadina
and Dr. Ji Hyang Padma

Heal the body, mind and spirit to better serve your students and clients; experts in their fields will teach meditation, yoga, and share the latest on brain research.

Friday, Saturday April 20 & 21, 2018

1) Teachers will learn how to reduce stress and burnout through experiencing and practicing a variety of techniques.
2) Teachers will learn how to raise student achievement by reducing the hidden learning disability of anxiety, stress, and trauma in their students.
3) Teachers will experience meditation as a potential intervention to incorporate in their schools for faculty and students.

Click here for the schedule of retreat.

Fee:  Two-Day Registration $275 on/before March 30, 2018
Saturday (One-Day) Registration $195 on/before March 30, 2018
Fees include lunch for both Two-Days and One-Day


Cancellation Policy: Up to April 13, 2018 50% refund; after April 13 or no show 100% charged.

FAQ: Click here

Registration: Click here

Flyer: Click here

Speakers: You can view the list of speakers from here

For more information, please visit their website.












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