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Welcome to CIHS Community Events!

This  spring California Institute for Human Science welcomes change leaders from a variety of disciplines—Spirituality, Integral Health, and the Arts—to illuminate our lives—conveying courage and renewal to meet the challenges of modern life.   This series provides an open door to all who wish to deeply integrate body/mind/spirit and develop wisdom to chart the way ahead.

The Community Events series has already begun, with the return of Tai Chi Ch’uan classes held on Monday and Thursday mornings.  We also welcome back our monthly Healing Circle, and Deep Sound Meditation.  This spring we are proud to be hosting a Vajravidarin Healing Ritual (May 9th) as well as the Monks of the Garden Shartse Norling Monastary for a Menla Empowerment Event on May 14th.  These are but a few of the wonderful events we are proud to host this spring.

This spring CIHS is also proud to offer a cutting edge course on Biophoton Research: Did you know CIHS houses one of the largest Faraday cages in the world?  Long time faculty researcher Dr. Gaetan Chevalier and Dr. Thomas Brophy, CIHS Executive Dean, will conduct this hands-on course.  Approaches and forefront devices that measure the human biofield will be explored over two weekends: May 18-20 and June 1-3.  Open to the community and students.

The Community Events series will be held at the California Institute for Human Science, which is located at 701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA 92024.

All events are open to the general public.

Our calendar of upcoming programs can be found here.



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