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CIHS Enlighten Presents:
Thursday Therapeutic Sound Series

These concerts invite the audience to experience a deep sense of wellbeing and learn about how healing is initiated with the instruments/music and techniques. Each evening consists of a sound experience (60 min) followed by a mini-lecture ( 15 min).  

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July 13- Harmonic Alignment with Tibetan Bowls with Diane Mandle weaves a tapestry of harmonic sounds with ancient Tibetan bowls, and percussion to awaken, soothe your spirit followed by a presentation of the various instruments, their symbolism, tasks and effect on body/mind/spirit.

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August 3- Gong Bath with Richard Rudis

A dynamic meditative experience where participants are acoustically guided, via harmonic overtones to the realms of physical well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness followed by a presentation about the Earth Gong and it’s healing properties. 

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September 14- What Is The Music On Your Heart with Bill Protzman

A totally interactive evening of shared music and fun. 

What You Will Learn

• How to identify your most powerful, personal, healing music

• How to uncover the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (MEPS) information in that music

• How to use your MEPS music for healing

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TTSS Kevin.png

October 19- Harp with Amy Lynn Kanner is a harpist and physician, and graduate of the International Harp Therapy program who is passionate about supporting well-being on all levels -- mind, body, and spirit. A recording artist and live performer, she offers a presentation on the amazing connection between music and well-being  and the healing resonance of the harp.

November 16- Dulcimeditation with Kevin Roth:

A sound journey with several types of dulcimers followed by a short presentation about the history of the dulcimer, how it is used in a therapeutic manner to help in your healing and how you use it for others.

Yuletide Concert V1.png
TTSS Kathy.png

December 14th- Holiday Yuletide Concert 

Diane Mandle and Richard Rudis team up to present an evening of deep healing and rejuvenation with ancient polytonal Tibetan bowls, Earth and Chiron gongs and percussion. Bring a mat to lie on. Q&A Follows. 

Jan 11 - Exploring Your Voice- Instrument of Healing with Kathy Robbins

A guided experience toward harmony of body-mind-spirit

through techniques of Breathing, Humming, Toning, Chanting

and Singing followed by a brief history and overview of the

healing power of the voice.

CIHS Enligthten offers non academic Continuing Education programs for professionals, students, and the global community. These immersive and educational programs question and explore contemporary ideas whilst enriching and transforming personal and professional lives. For the current calendar of courses, please visit the CIHS ENLIGHTEN page.

CIHS also welcomes change leaders from a variety of disciplines  – Spirituality, Psychology, Integral Health, Philosophy, and the Arts – to illuminate our lives, conveying courage and renewal to meet the challenges of modern life. Click here for the Events Calendar.

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