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CIHS Enlighten and TheCIINDE© present: 
The Comprehensive Holistic Nurse, Nurse Coach & Consultant Certificate Program

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CIHS Enlighten launches collaboration with TheCIINDE©

The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. © {TheCIINDE© - pronounced KIND} 

CIHS and TheCIINDE© are so elegantly aligned in our missions and share in the vision of the WHOLE being- mind, body, and spirit. Both institutions seamlessly integrate eastern and western approaches to healthcare, education, and spirituality: promoting students, faculty, and staff as self-care agents and coaches. We share a collective goal to act as role models in the community for assisting others in achieving optimal health and well-being, while preventing illness and disease. 

The Comprehensive Holistic Nurse, Nurse Coach & Consultant Certificate Program, grounded in standards of practice, was designed to support nurses through a self-care and healing process while expanding on the concept of nurse as a facilitator of healing for self and others. Experiential learning activities—based on integral nursing theory—are used to enhance self-awareness, intuition, and the connection between mind-body-spirit-environment.  


TheCIINDE© is an innovative organization dedicated to improving whole health and well-being for both nurses and their clients:


"Our vision is to facilitate and advocate for the advancement of holism and healing in both nurses and nursing practice. We believe that nurses—especially those with advanced skills in holistic nursing and nurse coaching—can be key influencers in preventing disease, promoting optimal health and well-being, and in guiding others in bringing and sustaining positive change in their lives.

It is our mission to promote and advocate for a holistic care approach that integrates eastern and western philosophies beginning first with the health and well-being of the nurse."


Their Comprehensive Holistic Nurse, Nurse Coach & Consultant Certificate Program is available to RN’s and NP’s, and is recognized and endorsed by the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA) and is accredited by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and endorsed by the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA) & Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI). 

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CIHS Enligthten offers non academic Continuing Education programs for professionals, students, and the global community. These immersive and educational programs question and explore contemporary ideas whilst enriching and transforming personal and professional lives. For the current calendar of courses, please visit the CIHS ENLIGHTEN page.

CIHS also welcomes change leaders from a variety of disciplines  – Spirituality, Psychology, Integral Health, Philosophy, and the Arts – to illuminate our lives, conveying courage and renewal to meet the challenges of modern life. Click here for the Events Calendar.

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