William Howe, Ph.D.

Dean of Academic Affairs

  • Ph.D., Educational Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University

  • M.A., Sociology, Stanford University

  • Ed.M. Educational Administration, Harvard University

  • M.A. English, University  of Massachusetts

  • B.A., English, Northwestern University

William  Howe believes that life -- and education as a crucial element of life –  is about forging meaningful connections throughout the lifespan. We are, he suggests, homo connectans rather than homo sapiens, man the connecting animal rather than man the wise animal. Connecting body,  mind, and spirit, different disciplinary perspectives, theory and practice, different cultures or world views, university and community,  and the diverse aspects of being human – intellectual, moral/ethical,  spiritual, emotional, social, physical, aesthetic – such has been the focus of much of his professional life as an educator and of his personal life.

Dr.  Howe earned a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Policy Analysis at Stanford University, with a focus on organizational leadership.  Earlier, he earned an M.A. in Sociology at Stanford, with a focus on organizations; an EdM in Educational Administration and Policy at  Harvard University, with a focus on non-traditional schools; an M.A. in  English at the University of Massachusetts, with a focus on Milton, the  Romantic Poets, and Postmodern literary analysis; and a B.A. in English at  Northwestern University.

He has served as a Dean for fourteen years in universities in California and Florida and as a professor of multidisciplinary Leadership Studies for twenty-three years. He has published and presented widely on leadership development, education, and theory/research. In addition, he has worked in educational contexts in Europe and South America and has been a key player in the development of innovative leadership schools and programs across North America. His avocation is writing, with a  current focus on a novel exploring the possibility of living forever.