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Naira Yeghian, M.B.A.

Dean for Student Success

  • M.B.A., International Business, 2000, National University, San Diego

  • B.A. Linguistics, 1996, Yerevan State University, Armenia

Naira is an educational leader with over 15 years of dedicated experience in developing, implementing and assessing student support programs with focus on student success, growth and wellbeing. Throughout her professional career, she has worked with students from all walks of life and has played an integral role in bringing their different backgrounds, views, knowledge, talents, energies and perspectives to create rich intellectual and spiritual communities at different institutions.

As part of her commitment to higher education, Naira has and continues to serve as an examination team member during visits to various institutions seeking initial accreditation or re-accreditation.  Her education administration expertise also includes areas of institutional compliance at different state and federal levels, including annual reports, curriculum re-approval applications, audits, campus-wide diversity, equity, multiculturalism and inclusion.

A big advocate of the functional medicine approach, Naira is also the founder of an online health coaching program for individuals with autoimmune conditions looking to reclaim their health and manage it holistically long-term through proper nourishment of the body and mind. 

Naira is fluent in Russian, Armenian and has beginner knowledge of Portuguese.  Her passions include lifelong learning, giving back to the community, leading a holistic lifestyle focused on total wellness of the body-mind-spirit, languages, traveling, cooking and photography.

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