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Spiritual education units are required for all students. CIHS teaches that humans consist of body, mind, and spirit. Spirit is always the most essential aspect to be cultivated as the body and mind connection ceases after death. The spirit (soul) exists beyond material time and space until spirit (soul) transcends individual ego to reach Superconsciousness, the unification of the individual with the sacred, and, ultimately, with God.

Spirit (superconsciousness) involves extrasensory perception and intuitive understanding (Divine wisdom) of the essence of matter and phenomena, as well as creativity. These qualities are supported by a love that encompasses all. Persons who awaken to spirit and those who have not awakened but live according to their own spirit (true self) and are able to live in harmony with others and nature. To inspire students to understand and live according to this principle is the main purpose of CIHS and underlies the pursuit of spiritual inquiry at the Institute.

Students may choose courses from this list.  Additional courses may be approved to satisfy this requirement. Please check with your Program Director.


  • Meridian Exercises: How to activate Chi energy and obtain a healthy body and mind (2 units)

  • Breathing Exercises (pranayama) (2 units)

  • Karma and Reincarnation and the Survival of Consciousness (4 units)

  • Awakening Chakras and attaining spiritual evolution (2 units)

  • Toward a Superconsciousness (4 units)

  • Pranic Healing (4 units)

  • Psychology of the Chakras (4 units)

  • Perspectives of the Afterlife (4 units)

  • Consciousness Based Medicine (4 units)

  • Motoyama Philosophy and Practice (4 units)

  • Living and Dying Consciously (4 units)

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