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Sound healing is integral to the fields of music therapy and subtle energy healing. This public program is designed to make the theory and applications of Sound, Voice, and Music Healing accessible to a wider community of practitioners and professional therapists while encouraging the artistry and creativity necessary to enjoy and evolve a practice. 

CIHS offers sound healing monthly during Wednesday evening community events. We also schedule weekend workshops for more intensive training. These events are open to all levels of sound and music practitioners interested in advancing their sound healing practice. Please visit our community events calendar HERE to see upcoming events. You can register for any event HERE.




The CIHS Workshops are led by cross-cultural experts and pioneers in the field like no other program: 

  • Dr. John Beaulieu     

  • Dr. Pat Moffitt Cook     

  • Christine Stevens   

  • Dr. Richard Gold

  • Dr. Tamara Goldsby    

  • Dr. Babara Reuer    

  • Saraswati

  • Diane Mandle     

  • Yuval Ron

  • Ten­zing Wangyal Rinpoche and more...

Sound Healing workshops are an entry point into the larger field of Sound, Voice and Music. They contain rich, nourishing content, of a variety of sound modalities, that allow you to choose the topics, presenters, and dates that best fit your schedule and interests. 

In these workshops, you will…


  • Engage in a deep inquiry into state-of-the art sound healing modalities and the multilayered relationship among the scientific, physiological, cognitive, and artistic impact of sound on human behavior, consciousness, and the environment. 

  • Enhance your skills and learn about applied musicianship, sound in shamanic practices, sacred chant, auditory neuroscience, music therapies, drumming for health, the yoga of the voice, and more.

  • Experience face-to-face training and virtual sessions throughout the year with distinguished masters, artists, and cultural leaders who support new perspectives of the science of sound in the healing arts.


We hope you will consider joining us for a weekend or two (all that call to you), at the CIHS campus in Encinitas, CA.  


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