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New Partnership with Soul of Yoga-- M.A. with specialization in Yoga Studies

California Institute for Human Science and Soul of Yoga are delighted to announce our new institutional partnership through our new Comparative Religion and Philosophy (CRP) Program Master’s with  Yoga Studies Specialization--Teacher Training Practicum.

Within this program, graduate students will be able to gain rich experiential insight into the discipline of yoga so that they can fully integrate the philosophical insight of their didactic studies with the grounded experiential wisdom of embodied praxis, in a way that fully supports the students' professional and personal enrichment.

California Institute for Human Science’s CRP Master's with Yoga Studies specialization provides an opportunity for yoga teachers' to strengthen their philosophical foundations, integrate cutting-edge research into integrative health, and gain professional standing within the community of scholars.  The yoga specialization provides students with a way to actualize an awareness of human existence as a multi-dimensional phenomenon including body, mind, and spirit aspects; and to achieve mastery of yoga asana as a mindfulness practice.

Contact Ji Hyang Padma, Director of the  Comparative Religion and Philosophy program, here.

By initiating this partnership with Soul of Yoga, CIHS is strengthening its institutional commitment to benefit the San Diego County community. 

The California Institute of Human Science (CIHS) is a research institute and educational institution dedicated to the integration of science and spirituality, and the study of the mind-body-spirit.


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