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Bamboo Garden Wellness Center: WELCOME TO ENCINITAS!

“You need to check yourself into Loma Linda and let them do experiments on you, because I have no idea what’s wrong with you.” This was the sixth doctor I (Michelle) had seen, and when she said that, my heart sank because I knew western medicine couldn’t help me. While western medicine is wonderful in many ways, and we want to give it all its due, it can fall short when it comes to treating

chronic illnesses and conditions. As you can imagine, my journey included a lot of time, energy and money on healing and therapy modalities that didn’t work or made things worse! Luckily, with the help of complementary and

alternative medicine I got a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. I know my experience is all too common, and this was a major driving force for creating a wellness center where we could offer effective treatments, not just symptom management. Furthermore, these experiences inspired me to create an energy psychology healing modality that works-Integrative Biofield Healing Arts.

Richard had similar experiences with western medicine, and he too is devoted to effecting healing in people who have lost hope. After his near-death experience from COVID in early 2022, his desire to serve the world community in a larger manner only intensified. This in part led to the creation of the Center as a place where the healing journey is our most profound concern. Richard’s desire is to

continue his energy medicine practice and training of practitioners via Integrative Chakra Therapy® to serve the needs of the global human community.

After many late night talks, a lot of energy work, and some serendipity, we opened the Bamboo Garden Wellness Center in Encinitas. This healing haven of compassion and nurturing has been our dream come true, and we were inspired to open so people who are seeking healing work on a much deeper, soul

level can get what they need. Our focus is to provide a multi-faceted, multidisciplinary integrative approach to healing that truly embraces body-mind-spirit in a safe and loving environment. Bamboo Garden Wellness is a resource where science and spirit meet. Our practitioners work to co-create your

goals, and together craft a treatment approach that is specifically tailored for you. Our team of acupuncturists, cranio-sacral therapist, somatic therapists, naturopaths, integrative psychologists/coaches, energy healers, reiki practitioners, and more are delighted to serve your wellness needs.

We see the suffering, the physical pain and distress in today’s uncertain times. We see the longing for people’s lives and relationships to work better. Our mind-body-spirit approach treats the whole human being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). After many years of trial and error, research and education, we are excited to offer a one-stop destination to address what ails, and help people become

the very best version of themselves.

We created Bamboo Garden Wellness Center as a refuge - a center of both healing and education - where people come to an atmosphere of safety and self-empowerment; where our sincere intent is always about your personal, physical and spiritual health and well-being. Michelle says, “My passion is educating and sharing tools that transform peoples lives for the better. I have no greater joy than

helping people achieve their dreams.”

Bamboo Garden Wellness is in collaboration with CIHS to explore the ways we can work together to meet the needs of students, practitioners and faculty.

Whether you are looking for community of like-minded people or are on a profound transformation journey, we would love to meet you. Our doors are open to you!

We invite practitioners! Set up in our seven treatment rooms that are fully furnished. Some rooms are set up for acupuncture/massage/energy medicine and other rooms for psychology/naturopathy. Practitioners from acupuncture to ayurveda, reiki to naturopathy, massage to energy medicine and

energy psychology are most welcome to visit our center- a truly nurturing, soothing environment.

Richard and Michelle

Dr. Richard Jelusich is CIHS lead faculty and Chair, Board of Trustees, and Dr. Michelle Dexter is CIHS

research faculty.


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