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Announcing CIHS Laboratory Upgrades and Appointment of Dean for Research

Dear CIHS Community:

I am delighted to announce Jeffery A. Martin, PhD has been appointed Adjunct Professor and Dean for Research Supervision at CIHS. He is concurrently a Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. He will be available to teach at CIHS, including the following courses: a version of a course he currently teaches at Stanford on positive psychology, consciousness, fundamental wellbeing, and related technologies; consciousness studies and social sciences of consciousness; and research related courses.

His roles will include the following:

  • Develop and oversee CIHS’ research policies and Institutional Review Board procedures;

  • Develop collaborative and funded research opportunities for CIHS students and faculty;

  • Advise students on research training curriculum and projects;

  • Conduct consciousness research at the forefront of the science;

  • Provide strategic advice to implement key research initiatives across the university.


Dr. Martin has also assisted with the establishment of a new research laboratory at CIHS, the Laboratory for Consciousness Science and will serve as its director. The laboratory's broad mandate is to conduct and collaborate on research in all aspects of consciousness-related science, and to provide research opportunities to CIHS students. As part of this initiative, Dr. Martin has moved a significant amount of equipment from his other research initiatives and labs to CIHS’ campus Research Center, including:

Transcranial Brain Stimulation Devices:

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). A state of the art, high field, water-cooled, focused, protocol-programmable frequency-modulated TMS, used in healthcare, clinical research and fundamental research, including a

  • AntNeuro Neuronavigation system: infrared photogrammetry-guided robotic precision neuro-positioning system and dedicated computer.

  • Sonic Concepts Transcranial UltraSound transducer system.

  • Two magnetic-stimulation “God Helmets” based on the research of Michael Persinger.

  • Transcranial Electric Direct and Alternating Current Stimulation (TDCS/TACS/TXCS) Devices: Several research grade and consumer level devices, used to enhance meditation and for clinical and fundamental research.

Other Stimulatory Devices:

  • Several audiovisual entrainment devices (goggles and earphones): light and audio frequencies and patterns, used for sleep, alertness, meditation, and basic research

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) systems

  • Vibration entrainment devices for the skin, to apply various vibration protocols that stimulate emotional and consciousness states

  • Various Logostron devices, Shinto-based consciousness altering technology from Japan

Measurement Systems:

  • Sophisticated, state of the art electroencephalography (EEG): 64 Channel EEG system, EGI, with recording and real-time neurofeedback display, for various types of clinical and fundamental research experiments. Includes the EGI software suite, a dedicated iMac computer, a physiobox interface for connecting simultaneously with multiple other biosignals devices, ePrime experimental presentation system with ERP integration, and EEG-lab software (industry standard – co-developed by at UCSD). This system can do co-registration with FMRI imaging.

  • Several Muse consumer level easy to use EEG devices with Bluetooth connection to cell phones. The Muses can run consumer- aps or the raw signal can be used for research. Jeffery Martin and team are involved in a large research project with Muse data in collaboration with Arno Delorme and other leading EEG researchers.

  • A Nurobit optima, 4 channel professional grade EEG

  • Several heart rate, heart activity and HRV devices, from consumer to research-grade:

o Pulse oximetry devices

o Elite HRV

o Fitbit

o iHealth

o SmartPulse

o POLAR heart straps

o Wellbe watch-wristbands

o A time-integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) connected to physiobox for interfacing with the EGI – EEG system

o Pupilometry pupil tracking devices: iTribe and Pupil Labs

  • Electrodermal and GSR skin conductance devices:

o eSense

o Taipei General electro-dermal sensor

o Thought Technologies

  • Thermography: Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) camera

  • Basic laboratory equipment: EMF meters; oscilloscope; pulse generator; Geiger counter; high end work-station laptop

Going forward Dr. Martin, his team, CIHS researchers, and Laboratory Research Assistant Sarah Roche will be making available detailed information on which devices require supervision, which are accessible with basic technical skills, and which are consumer-level usable to CIHS students and persons on a appointment or walk-in basis. Also, announcements of specific research opportunities will be forthcoming.

Warm Regards to All,



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