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Alum Milena Braticevic, Ph.D. Integral Health, published in

COVID Mindset Survey: The stay-at-home experience provided a new way of being and many people are grateful

We are all in this together. The Corona virus has brought the idea of mutual interdependence to the center stage, as it can affect anyone regardless of culture, religion, nationality, and status. Since mid-March, the world has been in the state of lock-down, with social distancing rules put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. For a period of two months, only essential services were being provided, and public spaces such as parks, schools, and restaurants were closed. Currently, most of the population is still inside their homes, contemplating a new reality and the potential consequences of the gradual opening of the economy.

Congratulations to Dr. Braticevic on the publication of her research.


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