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Learn Integral Chakra Therapy!

CIHS is hosting a unique opportunity to learn Energy Health for the Whole Human Being, a workshop that introduces Integral Chakra Therapy (ICT) as developed by Dr. Richard Jelusich.

Dr. "J" is one of CIHS Founder Dr. Motoyama's first students. He has dedicated his life to developing ICT and sharing this powerful healing modality with others. Dr. J has trained over 500 healers in the U.S. and Canada for 20 years.

This weekend, March 9-10, you can experience and awaken important skills in energy medicine healing and learn about the human biofield and the chakras! You are invited to learn how to be the instrument through which healing flows in a safe and loving atmosphere, and master tools for self-empowerment and practical ‘how to’ teachings for building inner strength and balance.

Outcomes include:

  • Self Empowerment

  • Self Improvement

  • Increased Awareness of “Subtle Energy” not limited to time or space

  • Awaken your Healing Power

  • Become an Energy Practitioner!

  • Learn about chakras and the biofield

For more info, visit or call 877-242-5721

To Register, please visit our event registration page HERE

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