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CIHS has long been a place for forefront thinking, a pioneer among universities dedicated to exploring the intersections between science and spirituality. CIHS faculty, staff, and alumni are changing the world by pushing the boundaries of psychology, healing, counseling, and education. This year CIHS is taking another step forward by bringing the integral approach to leadership. Leaders across sectors are facing increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions. While anyone can train in the latest management strategy or business model development, at CIHS we focus on what inside a leader helps them enact strategies and lead the organizations they serve. We also help leaders learn how to build innovative, empowering cultures wherein people want to come and do their best.

The new Center for Integral Leadership will be hosting a series of workshops for leaders who wish to begin this journey of personal and professional development. Designed for working professionals, each 2 day workshop will be held on Friday and Saturday, so you only have to take off one day of work and can spend time with family as well.

The series begins April 12-13th, 2019 with the Hero's Journey to Integral Leadership. Led by David Gruder, you will take a deep dive into your own Hero's Journey and identify what within you helps and hinders your vision, as well as strategies to change what is needed.

May 17-18, Gurucharan Sing Khalsa will lead Wise Choices, a workshop that will help you develop dynamic awareness and use it effectively to sense and react with with appropriateness and timeliness.

June 14-15, Bryan Sage Rill will lead Transformative Leadership, a workshop that will introduce core organizational energies that affect how innovative and productive your team is and can be. You will learn how to apply dynamic awareness and the skills of an integral leader to transform your own work or passion project.

For more information, please visit the Center for Integral Leadership HERE.

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