Menla (Medicine Buddha) Empowerment

April 27, 2018


The Monks of the Gaden Shartse Norling Monastery will visit CIHS as part of their Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour 2017-2018. This special event will employ the practice of Menla (or Medicine Buddha)  — the embodiment of the power of healing of all the Buddhas.


Join us as we explore the effects of this ancient spiritual practice and its effect on healing.


While many today are used to taking some form of medication on a daily basis, whether that be in the form of prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements or herbal concoctions, rarely do we actually feel any better. As has been confirmed by both Western and Eastern scientific research, strength of the mind and will has a key role in the process of healing. For millennia, our ancestors have been aware of the effect of

spiritual practice upon healing, and have used it as a necessary supplement to medication.


The Medicine Buddha empowerment is meant to establish a special

connection between the participant and the deity. Once this relationship has been developed and strengthened through the empowerment, the participant will become more open to receiving the benefits of the healing powers of all the Buddhas.


May 14, 2018

7:00 pm

Admission: $20

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