Message from the Dean

September 7, 2017




Fall is here. It is a time for renewal, and the time when academic school years begin. At CIHS we celebrate graduate or commencement, September 9, 2017 at 11:00 am.


If you would like to come and see what it is like to attend and finish at our unique research and graduate school, you are welcome to come. Students, it is great to support our graduating students and commencement provides inspiration. It is always a time of beginning. The word means, to begin anew.


Because life is a cycle of endings and beginnings, and as it shows in our graduation program with two Master of Arts students who are continuing on to get a PhD at CIHS and the end of a PhD in Clinical Psychology. The trick of the PhD, whatever subject, is that in which the work, hard and heartfelt, never ends. It just marks the end of your independent search for deeper and independent research and practice. All students are at a beginning of a new phase of life. 


To that note, I want to thank the entire CIHS community for the flowers, cards, notes, kind and gracious words of help and support, phone calls and kindness extended to my family and me as we helped my other transition and I went out on a significant bereavement leave. The entire community including the Board, Administration, Faculty, and Students made accommodations for this and supported my integration, the commencement of integrating life after the loss of a parent. The community showed its heart to me and I want to thank everyone for helping me to transition to my new reality


This is the initial listing of Fall Classes.


Fall Classes 2017, Winter Registration Begins 9/11-9/15, Quarter begins 9/25


Academic Writing Within the Human Sciences, Ji Hyang Padma, Ph.D. CIHS requirement all new students.


Shamanism, Ji Hyang Padma, Ph.D., elective Comparative Religion and Philosophy


Introduction to Integral Studies, Mali Burgess, Ph.D., Core requirement for Bachelor degree completion program


Foundations of Integral Studies, Thomas Brophy, Ph.D., CIHS core requirement.


Psychopharmacology, Sam Aganov, Ph.D. Psy Highly Recommended for Licensure


Law and Ethics in Psychology, Sharon Mijares, Ph.D. Psy Highly Recommended for Licensure


Psychotherapy Approaches and Strategies, Tamara Goldsby, Ph.D., highly recommended for licensure.


Human Sexuality: Clinical Considerations, Michelle Dexter, Psy, D.

Psy Licensure REQUIREMENT.


Advanced Qualitative Research Methods, Sharon Mijares Ph.D., CIHS PhD core requirement all programs, except Life Physics specialization.


Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Randy Fauver, Ph.D. MA CORE requirement all CIHS programs


Topic of Special Interest: TBA Beverly Rubik, PhD, elective all programs, except licensure track PhD. If you have a question about this, please speak to Dr. Umansky, Director Psychology Program.


Topic of Special Interest Awareness and the Afterlife, Mali Burgess, PhD., elective all programs


Ultimately, it is up to you to ensure you have taken all the core requirements for CIHS and for your specific degree program. You can compare your transcript to the catalog that was in utilization when you began your current program.  Additionally, your Program Directors are happy to advise you and provide direction, too. We welcome your questions and inquiries.


Integral Health,

Comparative Religion and Philosophy,

Dean of Academic Affairs, Director Psychology program,


If you are curious about CIHS’ unique research institute and graduate education, please email one of us and we will guide you to the person with whom your inquiries are associated. Earning a spiritually minded and academically focused graduate degree can help you evolve professionally, academically, and spiritually. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to see prospective students on campus to discuss our innovative programs or to speak with you by a phone appointment.



Hope Umansky, PhD

Dean of Academic Affairs

Director, Psychology Program


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