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Academic Advising Meeting

Use this form to schedule your academic advising meeting.

Meeting Description

The Academic Advising meeting with your Program Director or Dean will help you with the following: 1- Review and update your academic plan 2- Help you select courses for Spring 2021 and tentative courses for Summer 2021 3- Answer any questions you may have regarding your program and academic progress. When scheduling your session, please select the appropriate Program Director or Dean from the "Staff" section of the calendar. Students will be assigned to the following CIHS Professionals: → MA & PhD in Psychology - Clinical Licensure: Dr. Sharon Mijares → PhD in Psychology - Integral Psychology: Dr. Joel Pilco → MA & PhD in Integral Health: Dr. Sean Esbjorn-Hargens → MA & PhD in Integral Health - Life Physics: Dr. Sean Esbjorn-Hargens and Dr. Nandini Katre → MA & PhD in Comparative Religion & Philosophy: Dr. Sean Esbjorn-Hargens → BA in Integral Studies: Dr. Sean Esbjorn-Hargens → Audit/Continuing Education Students: Dr. Joel Pilco → New Students: Dr. Joel Pilco You will receive an e-mail confirmation with the date and time of your Academic Advising meeting. If you need to make any changes to the meeting, please contact your Program Director or Dean by e-mail. Thank you, CIHS │ Academic Department

  • 30 min
  • Zoom

Contact Details

+ 760-634-1771

701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA

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