Ryokan Students

Hello Ryokan Students, 


I hope this email finds you well on this difficult day, a week before the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am sorry that you received this news today. There is a solution, and I want you to rest easy knowing we will help you in your next steps. There is an opportunity to become a part of the forefront movement in the healing arts and psychology and the possibility to earn a WASC accredited MA or Ph.D. (or BIS, too).  


As the CEO/Academic Dean at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS), I have been working with Dr. Steve Arthur to fight the California approved school closures since 2011. While it did not turn out the way we had hoped and we are sad to see a sector become obsolete, the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) is offering a teach out to Ryokan students with qualifications in line with CIHS' requirements for approved and/or accredited schools. Please visit our website www.cihs.edu


Originally founded in 1992 and located in the progressive North county coastal town of Encinitas, California, California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) is a private, nonprofit (501c3), specialty niche graduate school and research institute. CIHS was founded by scientist and spiritual leader, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, as a school that researches the deep intersection of science and spirituality and its application in the healing arts.  All of CIHS’ programs can be done online, although visiting the campus for workshops, conferences, or classes, occasionally, is the best and most rich experience (it is optional). CIHS has Master of Arts and PhD degrees in three specialty programs: Clinical Psychology (licensure track as a clinical psychologist in California) & an integral non-licensure track; Integral Health (with an option for a Life Physics specialization –subtle energy research and science), the forefront paradigm of integrative health and wellness; and Comparative Religion and Philosophy from a consciousness-based perspective (including a Yoga studies track). CIHS also offers a Bachelor of Arts (BIS) completion program for those students who have completed most of their Bachelor's degree (all the general education requirements) and is designed to possibly roll into one of our MA programs. 


CIHS is also pleased to announce we have achieved the status of Candidacy with the regional accrediting body, Western Association of Schools and Colleges; WASC; https://www.wscuc.org/institutions/california-insititute-human-science


This means that we are preparing for our Initial Accreditation site visit in the Spring of 2020 (https://www.cihs.edu/institutional-status). This is the final step to reaching initial accreditation, although we cannot guarantee the final outcome or timeline. CIHS' Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology is licensure eligible with the California Board of Psychology (and has been since 1992) for licensure, along with fulfilling the other BOP requirements such as hours and licensure exams. 


CIHS prides itself on being a school with a heart that is run in a "family style" flexible atmosphere. We honor diversity of experience and thought. In 2011, when work fighting this Bill with the BPPE began, Dr. Arthur and I became colleagues and friends because we recognized that Ryokan and CIHS had many similarities in our philosophy with a few unique differences. It is not a good feeling when a school that you carefully chose and have invested time, effort, and money into is closing. It may sound saccharine and "Hallmark-y," but there are options for you that may serve as more than just a place to finish your degree that will accept your credits. CIHS is wonderful, warm place and will be happy to make a home for you to study the path that you choose in the healing arts, as long as you meet our admissions guidelines, which are similar to Ryokan’s, and complete some CIHS core courses (CIHS must review each transcript and applicant individually). It is always sad when a school closes as each school's culture is different. I know this first hand and was not initially "happy" to have to move schools, although I was happy to have my credits accepted as CIHS will do with you, as long as you meet CIHS’ admission's guidelines and complete CIHS few core requirements, outside of the work that you have already completed:https://www.cihs.edu/admissions


As the CEO/Academic Dean since 2010 and a CIHS Alum myself, I am aware that this is a confusing and upsetting time when your school closes. It is very hard to know what to do. I speak from experience because it happened to me in 1998 when the University for Humanistic Studies in Del Mar, California suddenly closed. In its sixth year at the time, CIHS accepted us, from UHS, as a teach out, accepting all of our credits, and working with us to accommodate our credits and facilitate our finishing our degrees. At the time, I was two classes short of a clinical master's degree in psychology when I went to class to find the doors closed when I thought I was coming to class! I know what this feels like. As a group, we were welcomed at CIHS and were able to finish and reach our professional and personal goals. As the CEO/Academic Dean, I hold this same commitment to you. 


At the time, I was yet unfamiliar with consciousness based, mind-body-spiritual paradigms and how these would apply in my psychology degree. Much to my surprise, my experience was so positive that I decided to continue on to earn Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, licensure track. Although it is not guaranteed to get an APA internship, I did complete a full APA internship at San Diego's largest trauma center. Like many adult schools, CIHS best serves students who have entrepreneurial and adult “mind-sets,” with families and careers in which to tend. It is a peer-to-peer, mentor model in a traditional type classroom setting (even online) and many of our students stated that upon visiting CIHS, they feel they are "home" in an environment that truly nurtures their careers, aspirations, and their sense of selves. 


While this is not what you expected when you joined Ryokan, I am here to help guide you through this confusing process as I have been through it myself. I can speak from my own experience when I say that while I never could have anticipated having the opportunity to lead CIHS and helping students like you. Becoming part of the CIHS family has changed my life and career. It has become my figurative and literal home, and I am confident that we can join together in an educational partnership to have your education come to a satisfying and enriching end. You will be part of the CIHS family and community forever. It will enrich your lives in yet unexpected ways.


We know that choosing a graduate school, especially in a time like this, is overwhelming and confusing. As a nonprofit school and CIHS alum, who has been through this process before, we are committed to being honest and transparent with you about what might be your best choice. While we are confident you and your work will find a welcome home at CIHS, there are lots of ways to become part of the CIHS community, if, for whatever reason, finishing your degree here is not for you. There are many paths, and I look forward to helping support you on finding the best path for you to finish your BA in Integral Studies, MA in General Psychology, or Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 


CIHS maintains that an educated world is a better world, and, as best as we can, we are committed to keeping our tuition accessible, even though WASC accreditation. https://www.cihs.edu/tuition-fees


We look forward to welcoming you!




CIHS Administration