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Theories of the Chakras

Although chakras are invisible to our ordinary sight, Hiroshi Motoyama believes in their existence. Chakras are energy centers that form a working link between our physical and astral bodies. They are indispensable to good physical, emotional, and mental health. Through intensive yogic exercise, diagrammed and explained in his book, the author became keenly aware of his own chakras. Then he invented a machine, a physiological recording device, capable of scientifically measuring chakras. It's all here, dramatically demonstrated in this "breakthrough book" on a subject of immense importance to all students of occultism.


In large part, chakras were brought to the attention of the Western world by clairvoyant Charles W. Leadbeater, whose work is discussed in detail by Motoyama along with that of other respected seers and yogis.

Theories of the Chakras



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