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The Power of Sound - 2nd Session

In this soothing and enjoyable guided meditation course, you will meditate by invoking the healing qualities of the natural elements that govern your body and the universe. Based on the Five Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi-Gong and acupuncture, you will learn to use the breathing sounds and corresponding simple movements that have been described and utilized in Asia for over 2000 years. According to these theories, certain sounds correspond to specific organs, glands, emotions and energy channels of the body and mind. Brain research has established that when the listener of healing music actively participates while listening (e.g. by repeating out loud the elemental breathing sounds and/or moving the entire body in specific movements) an enhanced, measurable sensation of well-being is noted. This includes an increased potential for physiological healing and a more profound beneficial effect on the brain. Therefore, in this course you will be guided to participate beyond passive listening.
In each class, you will be guided by Composer and Educator Yuval Ron to meditate on your various breathing sounds and the beautiful music that was created to invoke the qualities of the 5 Elements. To increase the impact of the practice on your health, you will also be guided to practice gentle, easy-to-learn Qi Kong movements along with the music.

The Power of Sound - 2nd Session

  • You will receive a Zip file with video in MP4 file format. 


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