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The Correlation Between Psi Energy and Ki

“For the past 15-20 years I have interacted with my good friend, Hiroshi Motoyama, on matters dealing with gaining scientific evidence for the existence of subtle energies functioning in humans. To my knowledge, no one in the world has advanced this effort more than Dr. Motoyama with his invention of the AMI (Diagnostic Apparatus) and the Chakra Machine…the AMI stands in a class by itself!


“With the AMI fully developed… Energy Medicine will have come of age….With the AMI studies, humankind will make the transition form a chemical medicine and a chemical physiology of the body to an electrical medicine and an electrical physiology of the body.”

-William A. Tiller, Ph.D.,
Professor at Stanford University, USA


“I witnessed the extreme efficiency provided by the AMI in detecting energy malfunctions in human begins, which no other instrument in Western technology is able to pick up yet…

“I can easily forsee the AMI research leading scientists around the world in the recognition of the existence of subtle energy systems permeating the body and providing the regulatory mechanism for its physiological and psychological homeostasis.

“Dr. Motoyama is indeed one of those rare pioneers which appear from time to time in the history of health science to show the way for others to follow.”

Steven F. Brena, M.D.,
Clinical Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine,
Emory University, USA

The Correlation Between Psi Energy and Ki



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