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Religion and Humanity for a Global Society

"Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama has been a brilliant and innovative pioneer in the exploration of human consciousness, making contributions to the scientific investigation of conscious phenomena as well as their philosophical implications. In Religion and Humanity for a Global Society, Dr. Motoyama expands his perspective to the world-at large, providing a visionary paradigm for the survival of humanity as well as its spiritual enhancement."

-Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Saybrook Institute Graduate School

"Hiroshi Motoyama’s Religion and Humanity for a Global Society advances an argument for a global religion and humanity to envision a future global society. It accomplishes this task through a comparative study between eastern and western religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism), while guiding this argument through his own personal religious/psychic experiences and scientific experiments on these phenomena. A background concern that informs this work is the unprecedented problems we face today on a global scale (e.g. ecological crises, inter-ethnic conflicts, and the population explosion). Coupled with this, there is, among the industrialized nations, a rise in crime, drug, and alcohol addiction, divorce, sexual abuse and violence in the city, although the degree of these distortions and disorientation may vary from country to country. As a corrective to these problems the book demands a fundamental reflection on the western word-view and belief system. "

-Shigenori Nagatomo, Ph.D.
Associate professor of

Religion and Humanity for a Global Society



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