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Comparisons of Diagnostic Methods in Western Eastern Medicine

"Is it Possible to Compare a state of health or illness diagnosed by Western medicine with an analysis of Chinese medicine utilizing the Sei points of the meridians? We did not have any method to answer this question with certainty in the past. However, use of the AMI allows us to measure the activity of the Sei points of the meridians. We have come to have expectations for this newly developed system of diagnosis, which combines the merits of Western and Chinese medicine. Articles in this book suggest this new era will be sure to comp up soon."

-Tatsuya Ishikawa, D.D.S.,Ph.D.
President, Tokyo Dental Collage, Japan

"Early diagnosis of physiological dysfunction is critical for preventative approaches and for interventional therapies of human diseases. In this book, Dr. Motoyama presents a comparisons of diagnostic between Ki energy and environmental conditions. The acupuncture meridian system has become an established part of the therapeutic armamentarium of modern medicine. By inventing the AMI to evaluate functioning of meridians, Dr. Motoyama developed a new and very user-friendly tool for the diagnosis of physiological abnormalities. This diagnostic approach breaks new ground in clinical medicine using a modern computer base modality, because it is sage, non-invasive fast and painless. The effectiveness of Dr Motoyama's AMI should prove beneficial to Modern Medicine."

-Rajavashisth Tripathi, Ph.D.,
Associate professor of Medicine,
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, UCLA School of Medicine, USA

"With the perseverance of a pioneer, Dr. Motoyama applies successfully the methodology of pure science in the field of Eastern medicine. The result is an acute and precise book on the scientific study of Ki and on the correspondence between occidental medical diagnoses and AMI device data. More than a mere bridge between Eastern and Western medicine, this book proposes a real and profound merge of both traditions, strengthening a young field of investigation - the scientific studies of Ki and other subtle energies. At the beginning of the third millennium, this book revels how energetic medicine would give us a better understanding of the holistic nature of humanity."

-Jules Gauthier, M.D., Acupuncturist,
Member, Canadian Medical Acupuncture Society, Canada

-Rene-Pierre le Scouarnec, Ph.D., Psychotherapist
Researcher, Clinique Psyche, Montreal, Canada

-Roger-Michel Poirier, M.D., Psychiatrist
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal, Canada

Comparisons of Diagnostic Methods in Western Eastern Medicine



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