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 Undergraduate Program in Integral Studies

 A Holistic Approach to Body, Mind & Spirit

This unique Bachelor's program provides undergraduate level instruction with emphasis on the integral view of reality. According to the integral theory, human beings and reality itself should be studied and treated from a holistic approach. The view of the human being as a whole person claims that we are composed of a physical body, mind and spirit/subtle energy.


Elective courses allow students to pursue a major in the field of integral studies. Students can select their major from the programs in Life Physics, Psychology, Comparative Religion and Philosophy, and Integral Health.


Ideally students enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies after having completed their General Education or Lower Level units (college credits) at another institution.


A high school diploma and up to one hundred thirty-five (135) credit units from an approved college are prerequisites for admission to the Bachelor’s program. Undergraduate transfer credit can be granted for a total of one hundred thirty-five (135) quarter units of relevant courses previously completed at an approved or accredited institution. The Bachelor’s degree requires the completion of one hundred eighty (180) quarter units, forty-five (45) units of which must be completed at the California Institute for Human Sciences.

Courses completed with a grade “D” or higher will be considered for transfer credit. Only courses completed with a grade “C” or higher will be accepted as credit units for the program major.  A minimum of forty-five (45) units is required to enter the program and a maximum of one hundred thirty-five (135) units will be accepted as transfer credits.

Lower Division Courses – A minimum of forty-five (45) quarter units of general education courses must be completed including mathematics, writing and oral communication The general education component requires a minimum of fifteen (15) units from Humanities and Fine Arts, fifteen (15) units from Social or Behavioral Sciences, and a minimum of fifteen (15) units from the Physical or Natural Sciences.


Upper Division Courses – Courses will depend on transferred units, the program, or the program major (e.g. psychology, integral health, life physics or religious studies) the student decides to pursue. The major options include: Biosciences, Psychology or Spiritual and Philosophical Studies.


Graduate Linked Credits – This option is available for students who made successful progress toward their undergraduate degree and intend to pursue an M.A. degree at the Institute.  This gives students an opportunity to link bachelors and masters course units whenever graduate and undergraduate courses may overlap and the student’s academic performance is considered acceptable.  Students may link up to twenty-five (25) units (five courses), which can be transferred to their Master’s program with the approval of their program Director.

BIS 201*            Introduction to Integral Studies (HUS 501)  (5 units)
BIS 202*            Introduction to Consciousness Studies (HUS 502) (5 units)
BIS 203             Senior Project (5 units)

BIS 207             Independent Studies (5 units)
BIS 208             Topics of Special Interest (5 units)

BIS  301*          Social and Cultural Influences  (5 units)
BIS  303*          Introduction to Counseling (5 units)
BIS  304*          Introduction to Mind Body Energy Psychology (PSY 622) (5 units)
BIS  305*          The Family (5 units)
BIS  306*          Human Sexuality (5 units)
BIS  307*          The Study of Personality (PSY600) (5 units)
BIS  308*          Transpersonal Psychology (PSY764) (5 units)
BIS  309*          Professional Ethics (PSY623) (5 units)
BIS  310           Introduction to Substance Abuse (5 units)

BIS 401            Overview of Major World Religions (5 units)
BIS 403*           Shamanism (CRP 620) (5 units)
BIS 404*           Spiritual Education (CRP504) (5 units)
BIS 405            Meditation (5 units)

BIS 401            Overview of Major World Religions (5 units)
BIS 431*           Basic Notions and Applications of Biophysics  (5 units)
BIS 433*           Quantum Theory (5 units)
BIS 434*           Anatomy & Physiology (5 units)
BIS 435*           Introduction to Subtle Energies (5 units)


* These courses and Graduate courses overlap so these classes can be deemed linked courses.


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