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In the age of high speed Internet, you do not come to CIHS. CIHS comes to you.  Earn a high-quality education in the comfort of your home. Imagine… No traffic jams. No relocation. No strict class schedules. What is more, all CIHS online programs without exception maintain the highest academic standards.

The same CIHS courses offered online every quarter are also taught on campus. Distance learning students and on-campus students follow the same quarter schedule; have the same deadlines, course requirements, and instructors; do the same class readings; and share the same virtual classroom on the web where they can exchange emails and comments and post their blogs, discussion forums, videos, fieldtrip reports and pictures, and academic papers.

The opportunity for interacting with local students is what makes CIHS online education unique and fun. Both local and online students immensely profit from this interaction. CIHS Distance Learning is not a correspondence course or diploma; it is an opportunity for non-local students to have a transformational experience and earn a professional degree from a school that is pioneering research in the fields of integral studies, energy medicine, and consciousness expansion.

Distance Education Disclosure

CIHS employs an Integrated Learning Modality (ILM) or hybrid type instruction modality that integrates traditional in-class direct instruction with technology, specifically a distance education learning platform called Moodle. The online learning platform, Moodle, enhances the overall experience of the students by offering the convenience of technology and a “hub” of a classroom/website for each class. Moodle is very user friendly and if you are computer proficient (able to email, type, and upload/download a Word document), you will be able to master Moodle easily. CIHS will provide each new student with a Moodle Training Handbook. CIHS will also be happy to provide an in person review of Moodle with our Dean of Administration or other such personnel, if requested. Some classes will also use Skype or Google Hangouts to create a live learning experience (when not all students are local). CIHS provides technology support to help you during the quarter if necessary. I understand that CIHS uses technology to create an integrated learning modality and am qualified to attend such program. I will utilize CIHS’ learning platform on Moodle to develop proficiency.


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CIHS Online Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies  

M.A. in General Psychology

M.A. in Integral Health

M.A. in Life Physics 

M.A. in Comparative Religion and Philosophy

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Ph.D. in Integral Health

Ph.D. in Life Physics

Ph.D. in Comparative Religion and Philosophy


    Discover books by CIHS Faculty, including the many books by CIHS Founder, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyoma.

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