Integral Psychology

Integral Psychology Program: Overview

The Master’s and PhD in Integral Health is one of CIHS’ most innovative programs. It is unique in its interdisciplinary focus with the curriculum emphasis still on consciousness and a mind, body, spirit integrated thought and value system.  CIHS’ Integral Health program combines the best of all of our programs to create a hybrid where you design the concentration. A Master’s or Doctorate in Integral Health is perfect for practitioners, scientists, writers, researchers, D.O.’s, chiropractors, therapists of all types, to name just a few, to expand on their knowledge of holistic health and the mind, body, spirit connection as it relates to consciousness and health. It increases the student’s awareness of such higher-level studies of subtle energy and many find it useful for marketing practices, workshops, and increasing authorship legitimacy.

Master of Arts in Integral Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Psychology


    Discover books by CIHS Faculty, including the many books by CIHS Founder, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyoma.

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