Master of Arts in Integral Health

Learning Objectives

The core curriculum of the Integral Health M.A. program is designed to provide the graduate student with a foundation in Eastern and Western Philosophical traditions, consciousness studies, and the basics of research methodology. The student first completes the core master’s level courses in Integral Health and fulfills the remaining degree requirements by choosing elective courses in Integral Health or from other M.A. programs (Life Physics, Psychology and Comparative religion) in consultation with the program director.  After completion of the course work, the Master’s Thesis is the capstone project.


Degree Requirements

Fifty-six (56) graduate quarter units are required to complete the Master of Arts degree program in Integral Health. Thirty-two core curriculum graduate quarter units are earned in eight core courses designed to establish a basic foundation in the systems of philosophy and research methods. The remaining units are earned by completing elective courses drawn from Integral Health or other departments in consultation with the program director. If student is continuing into a PhD program, Thesis units may be substituted with another elective course.




IH 500         Academic Writing Within the Human  Sciences  (4 units)

IH 501           Foundations in Integral Studies  (4 units)

IH 502           Consciousness Studies  (4 units)

IH 503*         Counseling & Communication Skills   (4 units)

IH 504           Spiritual Education   (4 units)

IH 505**       Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research  (4 units)

IH 507***     Integral Perspectives on Health      (4 units)

IH 508****   Introduction to AMI Research       (4 units)

IH 690***** Thesis   (4 units)


* CRP 745    Integral Spiritual Coaching may be taken in its place, upon the approval of the Program Director.

** Or IH 506 Statistics.

*** Or LP 527 Paradigms of Health and Disease.

****Or other lab class with approval of program director.

*****Students continuing into a PhD program may choose to substitute an elective course.



IH652            Subtle Energy System I    (4 units)

IH653            Subtle Energy System II   (4 units)

IH 680           Topics of Special Interest   (4-8 units)

IH 699           Independent Study               (2-12 units)


Courses from other departments can also be taken as electives in consultation with the program director.





Learning Objectives

The MA Integral Health Life Physics specialization degree requirements, quarter units and required core courses are the same as the MA Integral Health program.  To qualify for the specialization in Life Physics, students take specific elective courses designed to provide the graduate student with a solid foundation in research methodologies, anatomy and physiology, meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine and bio-energetic sciences.


Specialization Requirements:

In addition to the MA Integral Health core courses, the Life Physics specialization contains the following core electives.  Remaining elective quarter units are selected from the Life Physics electives.



LP 523          Traditional Chinese Medicine and Subtle Energy Systems                   (4 units)

LP 525          Integrative Anatomy & Physiology      (4 units)

LP 605*         Survey of Complementary Methods/Medicine                              (4 units)

LP 623**       AMI Applications for Research           (4 units)

LP 628***     Quantum Concepts for Biology and Consciousness                       (4 units)

* Or Consciousness Based Medicine.

**Or another laboratory course, with program director’s approval.

***Or Basic Notions of Biophysics.



LP 600          AMI Data Interpretation and Assessment (4 units)

LP 605          Survey of Complementary Methods/Medicine  (4 units)

LP 612     Subtle Energy Devices and Research   (4 units)

LP 620          Electrophysiology & Biofeedback       (4 units)

LP 623     AMI Applications for Research       (4 units)

LP 628     Quantum Concepts for Biology and Consciousness       (4 units)

LP 640          Biological Basis of Neuropsychology (4 units)

LP 651          Psychoacoustics                                      (4 units)

LP 670          Introduction to Homeopathy                 (4 units)

LP 677          Biophoton Detection and its Research Application         (4 units)

LP 678          EEG and Brain Psychophysiology       (4 units)

LP 679     Human Bio-field: Scientific & Philosophical Concepts                         (4 units)

LP 680          Topic of Special Interest                      (4-8 units)

LP 690          Thesis                                                        (4 units)

LP 699          Independent Study                             (4-12 units)


Courses from other departments can also be taken as electives in consultation with the Program Director.




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