Master of Arts in Comparative Religion & Philosophy

The Master’s program provides the foundation courses in religion, integral spirituality, and philosophy which will prepare students for the Ph.D. in Comparative Religion and Philosophy.


The M.A. curriculum is designed to provide:

1. Opportunities for comparative and historical research on Eastern and Western philosophies and religions;

2. In-depth examination of the religions and philosophies believed to have had major influence on the course of human history;

3. Guided spiritual practices.

Degree Requirements

Fifty-two (52) graduate quarter units are required to complete the M.A. degree program in Comparative Religion and Philosophy. The curriculum consists of (8) required courses. Students with strong backgrounds in one or more equivalent courses may, in consultation with the program director, select alternative courses from other programs.


CRP 501        Foundations in Integral Studies (4 units)

CRP 502        Consciousness Studies  (4 units)

CRP 503*      Counseling & Communication Skills (4 units)

CRP 504**    Spiritual Education (4 units)

CRP 613         Research Methodology for Religious Studies (4 units)

CRP 615         Study of Eastern Religions & Spirituality (4 units)

CRP 618         Study of Western Religions & Spirituality (4 units)

CRP 620         Shamanism and Indigenous Religions (4 units)

* PSY635       Foundations of Life Coaching fulfills the requirements for LP 503

**Additional units may be taken as electives.


CRP 622         Meditation (4 units)

CRP 623         Buddhism (4 units)

CRP 624         Christianity (4 units)

CRP 625         Islam (4 units)

CRP 626         Judaism (4 units)

CRP 627         Hinduism (4 units)

CRP 628         Taoism (4 units)

CRP 680         Topics of Special Interest (4-8 units)

CRP 690         Thesis (6 units)

CRP 699       Independent Study (2-12 units)



    Discover books by CIHS Faculty, including the many books by CIHS Founder, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyoma.

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