Uniqueness of CIHS

I would like to point out to you the unique strengths of the Institute in the Life Physics emphasis area of subtle energies, both from a theoretical and an experimental point of view.

Subtle energies can be most simply defined as energies connected to, but distinctly different from, those derived from the four physical forces discussed in the present physics paradigm. Therefore, subtle energies include emotional, mental and spiritual energies, and it is my belief that they will be the primary focus of all of science in the next century.

A century ago, science was self congratulatory, thinking it knew most of what was to be known of nature. Then a new door opened and both relativity and quantum mechanics concepts were brought to our consciousness. These concepts occupied the attention of most of science for the majority of this century, and that focus has generated great new technologies and philosophies that enrich our present life.

Once again science is somewhat self congratulatory with respect to it’s understanding of nature, and once again a new door seems to be opening in the universe to awaken our collective consciousness to the concept of subtle energies. CIHS is well situated to both explore and teach the new understanding that is unfolding in this area at this time.

William A. Tiller, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
CIHS Consultant
California Institute for Human Science


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