for Certificate for Professional Studies Program

Under Reciprocal Agreement with the Gnostic Centre

This is a new offering with a reciprocal agreement for Gnostic Centre students to take select CIHS classes on an audit basis, and for CIHS students to take classes through Gnostic Centre. Visit  to learn more about the Gnostic Centre, based in Delhi, India.


Gnostic Centre online courses are professional and facilitate personal enrichment. They offer the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Professional Studies – graded option.*  NOTE: No CIHS academic credit is given for these courses.


For the Summer 2018 quarter, the following 2 courses are offered from The Gnostic Centre:


1.    Empowering Relationships (3 units, 6 weeks) taught by Anuradha Agarwal

Close relationships exert a great power over the way we think, feel or behave, and even who we become. Most of us aspire for relationships that empower us and make us better than who we are. This course helps the participants reflect and work upon some of the issues that underlie, and consequently determine, the dynamics of relationships: such as Freedom, Judgment, Self-esteem, Harmony, etc. and helps each participant empower their relationships.


2.    Introduction to Integral Studies (4 units, 8 weeks) taught by Dr. Monica Gupta

This course introduces the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother about the evolutionary potential of humankind from philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives, and the method of Integral Yoga. The course deepens one’s understanding of the individual and collective evolutionary challenges that confront us today, and an exciting new vision of the Future – which is full of promise of an adventure for those who aspire for it.


These courses ARE NOT transferable for your CIHS degree program. They will, however, personally and professionally enrich you and your professional and spiritual practice. 


There is a two-step process to register for Gnostic Centre courses:

  1.  Visit the Gnostic Centre online registration page here. Provide the required personal information, credit card details, and a photo ID/proof of address;

  2.  You will receive a payment link from Gnostic Center. Once you submit payment, your enrollment is complete.

For questions about Gnostic Centre courses and certificates, please contact Anuradha Agrawal at or

Gnostic Centre Instructor Bios

Anuradha Agarwal has been in the field of Integral Yoga​ and Education since 1986. Trained as a teacher and​ teacher-educator, she has taught children, teachers and​ professionals. Anuradha has facilitated courses (onsite &​ online) in Integral Education, parenting and self​ development​ since 1996*. She has worked extensively with​ BElEd teacher students since​ 1998. Anuradha worked at​ Mirambika (free progress school, Delhi) from 1986-96, and​ co-founded The Gnostic Centre in 1996, where she works​presently.  She holds an MA in International Education from University of Sussex (UK). Her​ work experience includes writing, creating learning-teaching resources (books, multimedia),​ publishing and administration.

Dr. Monica Gupta, Assistant Professor, Delhi University, teaches at the Department of Elementary Education at Gargi College. With a background in Psychology and Child Development, Dr. Gupta has keen interest in the areas of Integral Education and Integral Psychology. Her doctoral thesis in Psychology was on 'Sri Aurobindo's discourse on Human Development - A meta-psychological study', and has been published as a book by Springer.  Dr. Gupta has been associated with The Gnostic Centre and has facilitated online courses: Towards the Light Within, Psychology of Human Development, and Introduction to Integral Studies, offered by The Gnostic Centre.